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Cessna 205

Cessna 205 - This Lesser Known Cessna Might Be The
Right One For You..

The two popular larger Cessna piston airplanes are the Cessna 206 and the Cessna 210. Stuck in between them is the lesser know Cessna 205. It was only produced in the years of 1963 & 1964 - however, there were 576 produced in that time.(1)

If you are looking for something a bit different, you might want to think about this airplane...

IMPORTANT: Due to the fact that these airplanes were produced so long ago, you have to realize that many of the owners have made modifications to them. These modifications range from STOL kits, to different engines, exc. So you have to make sure you know this and make sure you look into this before you buy the one you are looking at as you want to make sure the mod's were done the right way...

Here's 2 Important Things You Should Know About The
Cessna 205 Before You Buy One...

#1 - They Are Similar To The 210 But Without The Retractable Landing Gear...

These airplanes look a lot like a Cessna 206, but if you look closely your going to find that they have the 210 cowling bulge. That is where the front gear would normally go on the retractable gear 210. Your also going to find that the doors are configured different as well (compared to the 206).

The great thing about this airplane though is the price. Due to the fact that it was only produced 2 years, there are not a lot of them on the market. Not only that, they have a pretty steady following of pilots who like them once they get one.

That means there is usually not a lot on the used market at any given time. In fact, when I just checked I only seen a handful of these 205's listed. But the great thing about it is they are still somewhat reasonably priced.

You can get a 205 for under $100,000 if you get the right one. Every market cycle is going to be a bit different, but if you wait and have patience - you should be able to find one for well under $100,000. And the good thing is that in most cases the ones for sale have been kept in good shape by the owners.

#2 - They Have Good Performance Specifications...

The thing I like about the 205 is the fact that it performs very well considering that it is a big six seater. The stock engine in this airplane is 260 hp - which is less then both the bigger 206 & 210. But that is okay as the 205 does have pretty good numbers.

You should find that your true airspeed is around 163 mph @ 75% power up at 6,500 feet. That is not bad considering that it does not have a really big engine. The trade off is that you should burn less fuel then one of the bigger airplanes.

So even though you might go a bit slower, your going to hopefully have a smaller fuel bill! So if you are looking for a Cessna 6 seater, make sure you checkout the 205.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 205

Cessna 205

Cessna 205



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