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Cessna 195

Cessna 195 - What You Should Know About Owning
This PrestigiousTaildragger

There are some planes that you buy for speed, some that you buy for looks & then there are some that you buy because they are really prestigious. The Cessna 195 is just that! Pretty much everyone is going to turn and look at you when you taxi this plane as it is a true Cessna classic.

In addition to it's great looks you have to realize that this airplane also goes fast, is roomy & has all the great features of a good Cessna. But the best feature is it's looks - pretty much everyone is going to stop and ask you what you are flying when you roll into the airport in one of these airplanes.

IMPORTANT: There are a few versions of the Cessna 195. The 195 has 300 hp, the 195A has 245 hp & the 195B has 275 hp. There are also some other smaller modifications as well. But you have to realize that over the years a lot of owners have updated their Cessna's and the actual specs will probably have changed. So make sure you really check into this when you are looking at one that is for sale.

2 Great & Compelling Reasons Why You Should
Consider Buying A Cessna 195

Reason #1 - They Are Priced Very Well For What You Get

The great thing about this airplane is the fact that you can get one for a great deal now days. When they first came out they were selling for $12,750 USD in 1947.(1) Chances are pretty good your not going to find one for that price, but you should be able to find a good one for around $100,000.

In fact, I found a few for sale that were pretty much fully restored, had low time engines & airframes and were selling for right around $100,000. At the time of this writing there was a great 195 for sale and it had a 350 hp engine in it as well as an autopilot, HSI and a great GPS. The owner was asking $100,000.(2)

Think About This For A Minute

Your going to get a pretty nice looking plane for $100k when you really stop and think about it. Not only that, if you want to compare it to other 4 seaters on the market you have to realize that it is not going to be that much more then a Cessna 182.

Sure the 182 is a great airplane and a solid Cessna - but "if" your in the market for a classic like the 195 - you get so much more in terms of this airplane. Sure it is going to be bigger and not quite as performance based compared to the 182 - but I'm sure you can agree that it holds it's own.

So, you have to realize that there are some great deals out there. Not only that, you have to remember that this is not just another airplane. It is a true classic & hopefully over time it will increase in value for you.

But every pilot is different & your going to have to figure out what is the best option for you. Do you want a classic that has good performance and features? Or do you want to go with a newer Cessna model like the 182 or even upgrade to an early model 210?

Reason #2 - They Have Good Performance Specs

One of the tradeoffs that people often have to make when they get a classic is the fact that they have to give up performance. But with the Cessna 195, your not going to have to do that. The 195 with 300 horsepower reportedly cruises at about 150 knots.

That's a pretty good cruise speed for a plane that was built in the era that the 195 was built in. Not only that, you have 300 hp to work with (if you get the model with the Jacobs R-755 radial engine).

Now, as long as fuel burn is not your main concern - your going to love the 300 hp engine. There is nothing better then having that kind of power to work with when your flying. Sure your not going to go super fast and compete with the Cessna 210. But having that kind of power means your going to have a lot of torque & when you decide to take off and climb out - your going to really feel it.

Don't Be To Worried About The Fuel Burn

Also, don't be to worried about the fuel burn - if you are only plan on flying your 195 on Sunday afternoons for an hour or so around the local area, your probably not going to be putting a lot of hours on this airplane. So the difference between a 200 hp airplane and this one is probably not going to be a lot if your not doing distance flying.

As well, if you get one without all the digital avionics and equipment, your probably not going to have to spend a lot of money on fixing that kind of stuff. So that should help in lowering your operating costs.

Bottom line is - your probably not going to be short on power! The bottom line is that this is a great airplane if you are in the market for a classic.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 195

Cessna 195

Cessna 195



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