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Cessna 190...

Cessna 190 - How To Tell If This Classic Cessna Is For You

Cessna has done a lot of things right when it comes to creating airplanes over the years... And one of the greatest things they did was create the Cessna 190. It is an amazing airplane that was manufactured starting in 1947. But it did not really take off as hoped and so this great airplane was only in production a few years...

IMPORTANT: You have to make sure you realize the difference between the Cessna 190 and the Cessna 195. The main (big) difference is the fact that the 190 has a smaller engine then the bigger lineup of 195's. The 190 has a Continental W670-23 which produces about 240 hp. The 195's have various Jacob's engines in them that give them as much as 300 hp, depending on the model.

2 Things Every Pilot Should Know When Buying The Cessna 190

First - They Are Hard To Find

If you are looking to buy a classic, you are going to want to make sure you get one that is in low supply and yet still has some demand. The great thing about the 190 is the fact that it is in low supply as it has been over 50 years since they have manufactured them.

According to Wikipedia (of which they searched the FAA directory) have found that there were only 108 Cessna 190's registered in the USA as of 2008.(1)

This is a really good thing if you are looking to get one as you want to have a small supply and an upward pressure on the airplanes that you are looking at getting. That way, 5 or 10 years from now, there should be even less of them registered & it should push the value of yours up assuming you have kept in good shape.

Ask Yourself This Question

You need to really ask yourself the question of how long you intend on keeping this airplane. If you plan on keeping it a long time, there is a good chance that it could do quite well in terms of holding it's value or even increasing in value over time.

The reason is because with these older planes, the inventory levels go down over time. You have to realize that some of them will lose their airworthiness due to the owner letting things go. In that case, they'll essentially be taken off the market in terms of 190's that you can fly.

And others will simply disappear into hangers and will not be seen again until the owners estate sale. You might think that is funny, but it is actually a pretty common thing among a lot of long time owners. In many cases the owner will fly less and less & eventually not fly at all.

And because he has a classic aircraft like the 190, the owner will often keep it in the hanger for years and in some cases decades. The reason for this is because of the fact that a lot of the owners just don't want to give up their airplane & if it is paid for - there is really no cost as they are probably not insuring it to fly.

So, because of those reasons - you will find that over time the inventory will likely go down and the value of the ones that are currently on the market should go up over time. That said - none of us can predict the future. But it is at least nice to know you have some hope with this great classic.

Second - The Performance Numbers

The one thing I like about this airplane is the fact that in spite of it's age, it still goes pretty quick! You should be able to see around 139kts of cruise speed and get a range of about 610 nm.(2) Those are not bad numbers for a plane this old.

Your still going to be able to use it for a day to day airplane and have the great pleasure of owning a classic airplane! And that is the great thing about this airplane. It is a classic, looks very nice and you can still fly it.

There are some classics out there that look nice but you would not want to fly them very often as they are so slow that it would be a pretty frustrating experience flying them. Not only that, parts are pretty hard to find on some of those older airplanes or classics.

That's the great thing about the 190 - It's a Cessna brand - so in most cases you should not have much trouble finding parts for this great bird!

So it is not like you have to buy it and let it sit in your hanger all the time because it is to slow to fly anywhere. This airplane was designed to actually be a workhorse and that means it is going to be able to get you around in style!

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 190

Cessna 190

Cessna 190



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