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Cessna 188

Cessna 188 For Sale - Some Important Things You Should Know
About This Cessna Agricultural Aircraft!

If your in the market for an agricultural aircraft, one of the most popular models you can buy is the Cessna 188. It's been around for a really long time and it a fixture at a lot of rural airports and very hard to miss. If you fly into smaller airports in the spring/summer/fall months, chances are pretty good your going to see one or more of these classic Cessna's.

IMPORTANT: When it comes to buying a Cessna 188 that is for sale, your going to have to make sure you really look at all the options as there are a number of versions of this airplane. There are roughly 9 variants and then you have to remember that over the years, owners will have modified their planes in various ways as well.

2 Important Things Every Pilot Should Know About Buying A
Cessna 188 Agricultural Aircraft

First - They Are Somewhat Inexpensive But Hard To Find

This can be a very frustrating combination! One one hand, the Cessna 188 is very inexpensive compared to many other airplanes. You have to remember, this is not just a basic airplane, there is a lot of parts & it is not a simple bird. As well, the majority of people buying this airplane are doing so because using it is part of there business.

So when you fact those things in, you would think that it would be very expensive. But there are ones on the market for under $100,000 USD.(1) Obviously the age & condition is going to determine the price, but that said - if you can get one for around $100,000 USD that is a pretty good price considering what you can do with this airplane.

And as far as being hard to find - you just have to keep your eye open and if you can - use a broker to find one for you. Sometimes brokers will have connections with people who have the airplane you want but are not actively trying to sell it.

Don't Underestimate This Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of pilots make when they are trying to find an airplane that is hard to find is they don't use brokers. You have to realize that if you have searched everywhere to find the airplane your looking for and still can't find one that you think is worth buying or going to workout in terms of a good deal - then consult with a broker.

You don't need to exclusively work with a buying broker, but you have to realize that a good one will know the market very well and will likely have connections to sources that you may not have access to. If they have been in the business long enough, they are going to have a huge network of buyers & sellers.

And you never know, there could be an owner who is "on the fence" about selling his or her aircraft & a good broker can find some of those pilots and potentially put a deal together for you. It's worth looking into if you are trying to find an aircraft that is really hard to locate.

Not only that, but a lot of pilots who are selling their airplanes do a really bad job at marketing them. So if you have someone in the industry working for you who can look under all the "rocks" that you can't even find, that is a good thing and they might be able to get you a deal that is even better then any of the ones that you can find.

Second - You Should Be Able To Get Parts For Them

The bottom line is that if your buying an airplane for business, your going to be using it and you will need parts. Sometimes when you buy a more obscure airplane, parts are very hard to find. But with the Cessna 188 you should not have this problem as there were roughly 3,975 produced.(2)

Sure you might have to look for parts that are specific to the equipment you are running on this airplane, but as far as Cessna parts go - you should be able to find them due to the fact that there are a lot of Cessna's around and there were quite a few of the 188's made over the decades.

One Thing To Think About

The great thing about buying a Cessna is the fact that most mechanics are going to be able to know how to fix it when you need to get things taken care of. There is nothing worse then being in a remote area and having a plane that the nearest mechanic has no clue or experience fixing.

You don't want to be the test airplane for a mechanic to learn on. And that's the great thing about the Cessna brand. There are not very mechanics who have not had tons of experience on this aircraft over the years.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 188

Cessna 188

Cessna 188



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