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Cessna 185

Surprising Reasons Why This Is Still A Great Airplane To Buy

The best part about Cessna aircraft is that when you find the right model for you, chances are you’re going to find it at a good price with great reliability and easy maintenance plans. The Cessna 180 and 185 are both considered “bush planes,” which feature superb flying stability and short field capability. Best of all, the Cessna 185 can easily transport 4-6 adults without a problem, or a sizable freight load.

The Cessna 185 is a prime example of this versatile class of aircraft. Built and released in March 1961, Cessna 185 was modeled after the Cessna 180 with a strengthened fuselage and the same versatility as earlier Cessna models.

SIDENOTE: The Cessna 185 also has a larger dorsal fin and a more powerful 300 horsepower Continental Motors IO-520-D engine. The powerful engine on the Cessna 185 gives this aircraft its versatility and diverse application of uses for almost any pilot.

Important & Surprising Things Every Pilot
Should Know About The Cessna 185

First - It's A Great Follow Up Aircraft (Here's Why This Is Important)

When you’re learning to fine-tune your own flying capabilities beyond your training hours, a plane like the Cessna 185 is a perfect follow-up plane for your long-term aviation enjoyment. Whether flying is a career or hobby, it’s not hard to see why the Cessna 185 is perfect for the new to moderate pilot.

The Cessna 185 is also known as the Skywagon, attributing its name to its large load capacity. Fitted Cessna 185s can come with up to six seats, perfect for the family trip with adults and children. Alternatively, you can fit the Cessna 185 as a freight plane and carry up to 700 pounds, and even more depending on fuel load.

Also with the Cessna 185, you don’t have to worry about messing with retractable landing gear training or maintenance. Since retractable gear can be very expensive to fix and maintain, the Cessna 185 cuts down on long-term costs and overall maintenance. Better yet, the Cessna 185 tires and landing gear parts are very easy to find across the country, no matter where you’re at in America.

New pilots still on a tight budget will appreciate this about the Cessna 185. You don’t have to pay much to replace a part and you don’t have to pay to travel to find the right part when you have a Cessna 185.

Second - It's Different Then Other Models
(And That's Good)

***The Cessna 185 has a few unique features you
won’t find in other Cessna models:***

• Tailwheel design: The Cessna 185 and Cessna 180 were one of the few Cessna models that included a tailwheel. During the boom in the 1990s, Cessna reintroduced many of the older Cessna models, but the Cessna 185 remained a historical piece. You can only get this from the older Cessna designs!

• Historical relevance: When you buy a Cessna 185, you’re buying an aircraft that was produced between 1961 and 1985.

• High parts availability: Over 4,400 Cessna 185s were produced during its near 25-year history. Pilots can find parts for their Cessna 185 very easily and at budget-friendly prices no matter where they’re at.

• Enhanced fuselage: Cessna 185 is designed with a strengthened fuselage which allowed a much more powerful engine. You can’t find this anywhere else for the price!

Three - These Advancements Make This Airplane Really Attractive

Cessna 185 Skywagon II's were fitted with a Cessna factory avionics package. For new pilots, settling into an avionics package such as the one found on the Cessna 185 is a great step towards pilot proficiency.

Since many pilots train on the Cessna 182, they will easily make the transition to the Cessna 185. The Cessna 185 offers the same auto-stabilizing features found on the Cessna 182 and other Cessna models. Furthermore, since the Cessna 185 is so versatile, it can also be fitted with different landing options such as skis or floats.

And that is one of the best things about the 185! You don't have to worry about getting bored flying this aircraft. If you get tired of flying on paved strips, you can learn how to fly it as a float plane or stick on the skis in the winter time.

Four - It Still Makes A Lot Of Sense Financially
(Here's Why)

Most new pilots operate on a fairly low budget. For Cessna lovers, the Cessna 185 is the perfect solution to this! Even as an older plane, the Cessna 185 sells between $50,000 to $125,000. An updated and fully maintained Cessna 185 can go for over $150,000.

IMPORTANT: Many parts are available from project planes and scrap Cessna 185s worked on by Cessna hobbyists and collectors. With such availability and over 4,000 planes still on the market, hobbyists and Cessna pilots alike will find a great selection of Cessna 185s at a reasonable price.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 185

Cessna 185

Cessna 185


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