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Cessna 185 For Sale Canada

Cessna 185 For Sale Canada - Why The 185 Still Makes Sense

If you are looking to get a very powerful taildragger that can haul a lot of stuff and carry four people, your probably going to want to make sure you look at the Cessna 185.

If you are specifically looking in Canada, they are harder to find because of the size of the market in Canada. However, they do come up for sale and if your patient you can get a good one that should give you years of flying fun. Surprisingly this plane is still popular in Canada as it has a lot of uses that make sense in Canada.

Due to the weather, you can get a lot of use out of a 185 on skis as well as a lot of pilots take advantage of the large amount of lakes and use this aircraft for float flying as well.


2 Important Reasons Why The Cessna 185 Still
Makes Sense To Own And Buy

Reason #1 - There Should Always Be A Market For The 185 In Canada (This Is Important)

The great thing about the 185 is the fact that it is a taildragger. That means you can have floats on it in the summer and skis on it in the winter. Not only that, you can land the thing on grass strips and gravel strips as well.

And with the variety of terrain in Canada, this is going to be a good thing! As well, because of this fact - the 185 should have a market in Canada for a long time. Meaning, bush pilots are always going to need a good airplane that can do what the 185 can do.

So based on the past decades of history we have on this airplane, it should have some good resale value when you decide to upgrade to a bigger Cessna or simply get out of flying all together.

Don't Make This Buying Mistake

A lot of pilots only think about buying their airplane. They never think about the exit strategy until it is to late. But the reality is the Canadian market is smaller and you need to think about buying an airplane that will have a resale market down the road so you can hopefully get out of it.

You have to realize that one of two things is going to happen when you buy a 185. Your either going to fly it until your not able to fly any longer and then your going to sell it. Or your going to fly it until your bored of flying it and then your going to want to get something that is bigger and can do more of the things that you want to do.

Either way, your going to eventually sell your 185 & you need to think this through before you actually buy it. One of the biggest advantages with getting a 185 is the fact that there is probably always going to be a market for it. As long as you have the need to fly into the bush, on lakes & into remote areas - your probably going to need the services of a 185.

That reason makes this a very attractive airplane to own as you should be able to get rid of it when you want to sell or upsize (assuming the market holds). There is nothing worse then getting an airplane that you can't sell or have to sit on for years while you try and sell it.

Reason #2 - It's Got Lots Of Power & It Is A Simple Airplane

Most 185's on the market have 300 horsepower which is great considering it is a 4 seater airplane. As well, that 300 horsepower is going to come in very handy if you are loaded up and need to fly out of a lake that is in a valley or the mountains.

Very few pilots ever regret getting an airplane that has a lot of raw working horsepower! So if you can afford to make the jump from a 170 or 180 into the 185, you might find that the extra power is going to really be worth it.

Sure your going to probably burn a bit more fuel, but the reality is that if your in tight situations in terms of needing to get out of airports that are hard - your going to be glad you have the extra power.

Same thing goes for when you want to fly with floats or skis. Your going to want to have the extra power so you can deal with the unique situations that you are going to come up against.

The Benefit Of A Simple Aircraft

The other thing about this aircraft is the fact that it is a simple airplane. Your not going to have to deal with all the electronic issues of a glass cockpit, exc. That is - unless you put one in or buy a model with all the electronics in it already.

But generally speaking - the 185 is a very simple airplane and that makes it nice to own... Simple is good in a lot of cases! The problem a lot of us pilots have is the fact that we like to complicate things.

Sure getting massive amounts of technology into the dash is a good thing in terms of helping you navigate where you want to go. But the problem is that when you do this you are going to end up increasing the amount of money you have to spend on getting all this stuff & you have to keep it in top shape.

All of that adds to your cost & will give you more problems. And if your flying a 185, chances are pretty good you don't need to over complicate this aircraft.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 185 For Sale Canada

Cessna 185 For Sale Canada

Cessna 185 For Sale Canada


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