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Cessna 182

Cessna 182 - Is This Classic Still Worth The Money?

If you are looking to get yourself an airplane and are thinking about buying the Cessna 182, you have to realize that it is one of the best airplanes in its class. But buying & owning one is no small commitment so you are going to have to make sure this is the right airplane for you to own.

The one issue that this airplane has is the fact that there are quite a few other airplanes out there now days that can rival the 182 in different aspects. However, in my opinion I don't think there is any that can directly compete against this great aircraft when you add up all of it's features and the things that it can do for you.

Even though this airplane has been around for quite a few years now - it still can keep up with the new ones that are developed with the latest technology and features. And that's a great thing to know and be apart of as you should not have to worry about your 182 getting to outdated anytime soon.

3 Things Every Pilot Should Know About The
Cessna 182 Before Buying One

First - The Cessna 182 Is The Second Most Popular Model After The 172

The reason that is important is because of the fact that you are going to want to get parts if it breaks down on you and if you own an airplane that is not very well known, you’re going to have trouble finding them.

Not only that, it is a pretty good validation of the airplane itself when over 20,000 of them have been made and sold. That means this brand has endured for decades and pilots love to own them and fly them.

The other thing you have to realize is the fact that because there are so many out there you are going to have a relatively easy time getting one that you like. You are not going to have to buy the first one that you see. You can hold out for the best deal and do more negotiating on the prices.

Second - You Have More Options With The 182 Then Most Other Airplanes In It’s Class

The great thing about the 182 is you can do a lot more with it verses if you bought a competing low wing aircraft or something similar. You are going to be able to haul a lot of weight and floats if you want.

Those things might not be important to you right now, but you have to understand that because of the ability of this airplane you are going to have a lot of options.

Not only is that important when you are flying it, but you have to realize that it will potentially give you more leverage when you try and sell it as well. Because it can do so many different things really, really well - it offers a lot to buyers. So it is an attractive airplane for a lot of different types of pilots who want to do various types of flying.

Not only that - there is a huge flying population who really loves Cessna's and they won't fly anything else. So if they are flying a 172 and want to upgrade - there is only one option in their mind... The 182... That is unless they want a 210.

Third - You Shouldn't Out Grow It For A Long Time (This Is Important)

One of the biggest problems that a lot of pilots experience when they buy their airplanes is the outgrow them. Not physically but in terms of skills and flying capacity. You may be looking at an entry level airplane right now that looks like a lot of fun to fly, but the problem is that after flying it for a few years and potentially a few hundred hours you might get just down right bored of flying it.

Once you get a few hundred hours on your airplane, your confidence is going to increase & your going to hopefully have a lot more skills and a higher skill level. And if the airplane you are flying can't keep up with you then your going to find yourself in a lot of trouble.

You'll either start flying into situations that are beyond the airplane or you will end up not flying at all. That's not good because if you start flying less, your skills are going to go down and your not going to be as polished.

You Should Not Have This Issue For A While

The great thing about the 182 is that because it is such a great airplane, you should not have this issue for a long time. Once you get bored of it, you can train and get your IFR and fly IFR assuming your 182 is certified. Or you can fly with it on floats or as an amphibian aircraft.

There's lots of options to keep you going and hopefully from getting bored.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 182

Cessna 182

Cessna 182


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