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Cessna 182 Review

Cessna 182 Review - Here's 2 Reasons For Buying A Cessna 182

If you want to step up from the cessna 172 or one of the Cessna 2 seaters, the 182 is the next natural progression in the Cessna line for you. It's a great looking Cessna high wing that has a lot of power and some good performance as well.

Not only has it been around quite a while, it also has had many updates and changes throughout the years that have made it into one of the best higher performance 4 seaters on the market if you want a combination of power, speed comfort and carrying capacity.

It's really the "ultimate" 4 seater airplane as it is fast, has a lot of room, great carrying capacity & is a nice looking airplane. Not only that - the pilots who own them - seem to really like this airplane as they tend to keep them for a really long time.

2 Reasons Why The Cessna 182 Is Still A Great Buy

Reason #1 - It Is An Easy Transition From The Other Cessna Airplanes

This is very important and a lot of pilots don't think about this enough before the go out and buy the airplane that they are looking at buying. Because if you are flying a small 2 seater, light sport aircraft or a low wing airplane (non Cessna) you will have quite a learning curve in terms of your flying when you get into your 182.

Of course it is not like your going from flying a J-3 Cub to a jet, but the 182 does have a lot of power and can get you to where you want to go in a real hurry. So by transitioning up through the Cessna line, it is going to make your transition a lot easier as you move into the 182.

If you trained on a 150 then flew a 172 and now you are thinking of moving up to the 182 - it could also affect your insurance in a good way as well. As you know, the insurance companies are really good at covering their risk and if they think you are going to be any risk at all, they will factor that into the price they offer you for a premium.

So by having all that experience on the other Cessna models before jumping into the 182 - it should not hurt.

Here's An Important Issue

On the other side of the "coin" you have to realize that because of the fact that Cessna's are such popular trainers for people getting their pilots license's, you should always have a good influx of people who are looking to buy other Cessna's after they are done their training.

A lot of pilots tend to want to buy similar airplanes to the ones that they trained on. So if a person did their training on a Cessna 152, there is a very good chance they are thinking about buying a Cessna model.

This is an important issue because unlike a lot of other manufactures, Cessna always has a fresh group of pilots coming into the brand and buying. That means, as long as this brand is a popular trainer - you should have a good demand for your 182 when you go to sell it on the used market someday. And that is a good thing as you want to make sure that down the road when you "upsize" or get out - you can get something for your bird.

Reason #2 - It Offers The Perfect Combination Of Power & Usability

The great thing about the 182 is the fact that it offers you a great combination of power and usability in terms of what you can do with it. There are some high performance 4 seaters that will obviously go faster then the 182, but many of them give up other important things like cabin space and useable load.

And that is the great thing about the 182 - it really gives you the best of everything! You can go pretty fast, you will have a lot of power to use & you have a lot of room and carrying capacity to work with when you need to take some guest or cargo with you on your flights.

The hidden gem in this is that if you are flying alone or with a small amount of baggage - you might be able to fly with full fuel and stay within the C of G. That means your going to be able to take full advantage of the great range of the 182.

Not All Planes Do This

One of the problems with a lot of the airplanes on the market is the fact that they seem to have to give up something in order to get another thing. Some of the four seaters on the market go very fast, but they are really small as far as the cabin goes. They are known for speed - and that is it.

Other's can carry a lot and have an amazing range. But because of their design, they are very slow in the sky and it's going to take you forever to get anywhere.

The great thing about the 182 is the fact that it is so well rounded. It really does not give up a lot in order to get the performance specs and the usability that it has. Sure it is not the fastest 4 seater on the market right now - but when you consider everything else about this great airplane, it's a pretty good deal.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 182 Review

Cessna 182 Review

Cessna 182 Review


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