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Cessna 182 For Sale In Canada

Cessna 182 For Sale In Canada - Why You Should
Think About Getting One

The bottom line with the Cessna 182 is that it simply makes a lot of sense... What I mean by that is that it is fast, nice looking and has some really good performance specs as well. Not only that, it has stood the test of time and has been around decades!

And when it comes to buying one in Canada you have to make sure you think through a few things before signing on the line and buying one. They are a great airplane that makes a lot of sense, but you have to get the right Cessna 182.

2 Important Things Every Pilot Should Think About
When Buying A Cessna 182 In Canada

First - Don't Just Buy The Cheapest One You Can Find

The Cessna 182 is going to generally be more expensive then the Cessna 172. So you are going to have to shell out a bit more cash. That said - your going to get a great airplane that has more power.

But don't make the mistake that a lot of people make and buy the cheapest one on the market because it is comparable to the price of a good Cessna 172. You have to realize that you get what you pay for in most cases.

And here's a little thing you need to know about the Cessna 182... There are not a whole bunch of them for sale in Canada. That means you are going to have to pay more for one because of simply supply and demand.

However, the great thing about this is that someday when you go to sell your 182, you should get a good price for it & maybe a premium price for it if it is in good condition. Remember that pricing goes both ways.

You might have to pay more when you buy it, but if you take care of it you should get more for it when you sell it! So make sure you keep that in mind when you are potentially buying one that is for sale in the Canadian market.

The Hidden Cost You Need To Watch Out For

Here's the other issue with buying a "cheap 182". Your going to have to keep the thing air worthy so you can fly it. And if you bought the cheapest one so you could save some money, the chances are pretty good your going to be spending all that money and more on fixing it so you can keep it in the air.

A lot of pilots don't think this through when they are trying to buy an airplane. The reason that most pilots don't think about this is because when you are in "buying" mode, your not thinking about the negatives like how much it is going to cost if it breaks down.

Most of us usually think that the things we buy are going to somehow outlast everyone else's things that are the same as ours. It's human nature to think this. But you have to make sure you realize that when you do buy a junker or something that has a lot of issues - it could cost you a lot down the road if you don't watch what you are doing.

So, some times it pays to pay a little more on the front end and get something that is hopefully not going to sit in the shop all the time.

Second - Know What You Want It To Do Before You Buy It

If you plan on flying your Cessna 182 as an IFR airplane, you are going to want to make sure you think it through before you buy it. Meaning - you need to make sure you know what you want this airplane to do BEFORE you go out and spend good money on getting one.

That means if you want it to fly IFR, your going to want to narrow your search to ones that are for sale that are decked out properly for IFR flying. The worst thing you can do is get a model that is not compatible to what you want it to do. Then your going to have to spend more money on getting up to your standards.

Think This One Through

You don't want to get a 182 that is very basic and dated and then realize that you really do want to start flying single engine IFR with it. It could cost you a small fortune to get it out fitted the way you want so you can start flying IFR.

Sure you can fly using the minimum legal equipment that is required assuming your 182 is IFR certified. However, not a lot of pilots want to fly with the bare minimum amount of equipment when they are flying.

So make sure you figure out what you really want and see if you can get that when you buy your 182 verses having to spend tens of thousands of dollars and months of down time after you buy the 182 your looking at getting.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 182 For Sale In Canada

Cessna 182 For Sale In Canada

Cessna 182 For Sale In Canada


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