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Cessna 180 Review

Cessna 180 Review - Is This Cessna Workhorse
Still A Good Buy?

The one of many things that Cessna has done right over the last many decades is they have produced great aircrafts that have stood the test of time. And one of those is the Cessna 180 taildragger which is an absolutely amazing workhorse and powerful aircraft.

It is a taildragger and that is what makes it so amazing. Not only does this aircraft have a lot of power, it has a lot of different abilities as well that go along very nicely with all that power. Then you add in the fact that it has been around for a very long time & you have a great combination for a solid airplane.

2 Important Reasons Why This Bush Plane
Still Makes A Lot Of Sense

First - It's Very Simple (Here's Why That Is Important)

The one thing that I really like about the Cessna 180 is the fact that in spite of its power and ability to do so many different things for you, it is still a very simple aircraft. And the good thing about it being such a simple aircraft is that it should not be as expensive to keep flying when you compare it to some of the other airplanes on the market.

You do not have to worry about fuel injection, expensive avionics and advanced glass cockpits. Now, you might have put some of those things in your 180, but if you have not - then you should not have to worry at all about the complexities that those things bring along.

As you know, digital navigation tools and electronics get old and at the very least need to be maintained and kept in good condition so they will work for you when you need them. So you have down time to deal with... You can't fly when your dash is sitting on the hanger floor waiting for more parts.

And that is what I like about the 180... It's simple and if you keep it that way, this airplane should not cost you a fortune to keep in the air. That is unless you buy a run down version or buy a bad one that someone is trying to dump off on you.

The "Hidden Cost" You Need To Know About

One of the problems that a lot of pilots have is that they get so concerned about getting the right deal, buying the best airplane & putting it all together they often forget about the fact that they need to make sure they don't buy a complex version of this great aircraft.

Because of the age of the 180 and because it has been on the market for so long, one of the things that has happened to a lot of them is they have been extensively modified to fit the owners situation.

That can be a good thing, but it can also be a very bad thing as well if you are not careful. The reason that it can be a very bad thing is because when you buy that airplane, you are going to have to deal with all those modifications and things that the owner did that made this airplane more complex.

They could all very well be good things and nice enhancements that will help you. However, the more you increase the complexity of the airplane in terms of the "systems" that you put into it - the more your going to have to spend in money and time on making sure they are working and current.

Second - It's Really In A Class Of It's Own

That is the great thing about the 180 when you think about... It does not have a lot of direct competition on a mass scale. There are some airplanes that you could compare to the 180, but it is really in a category of one.

And that is a very important thing because when you are done with your 180 and want to sell it to move up or just stop flying, there should hopefully be a good used market for this aircraft. That is assuming you have kept in good shape..

And that should not be that hard to do if you buy the right one. So just make sure you be careful in buying the right one so you don't get stuck with some junker. There are good ones on the market so focus on those.

The Barrier Around The 180

The great thing about buying this aircraft is that you are really buying a brand. Sure your buying a Cessna, and that is obviously a brand in itself. However, the 180 is also in a way its very own brand. The reason is, because when you think of a good high powered 4 seater tail dragger, you usually think of this great aircraft.

And the reason that buying something that is a market leader is important is because of the fact that you are getting an aircraft that should still have good demand on the used market when you are done with it. (Hopefully)

Not only that, over time - this great aircraft continues to become more and more of a classic that other pilots love to fly and own.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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