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Cessna 180 For Sale

Cessna 180 - Is This Airplane Still Worth Buying?

There is a lot of airplanes that you can buy out there that will hold four people and get you where you want to go. But the reality is, if you want a great combination of speed, mobility, carrying capacity & power then you are going to want to make sure you look at getting the Cessna 180.

Sure you could save some money and get the Cessna 170, but you have to realize that when you get the Cessna 180, you are going to get about an extra 80 horsepower & your cruise speed is going to be around 135 knots verses 105 knots with the Cessna 170.

3 Compelling & Important Reasons Why You Should
Consider Owning This Aircraft

Reason #1 - Your Going To Get More Then You Would With The 170

The 170 is a good aircraft and will get you to where you want to go. It has a great history behind it and it will probably be around for a long time. But you have to make sure you realize that when you buy the 180, you are going to get way more horsepower and a lot more speed.

The extra 25-30 knots of cruise speed that you are going to get with the 180 really makes a difference. Especially if you are going to fly more then about 50 miles on your average flight.

Not only that - 80 extra horsepower is A LOT of power to have at your disposal. Not only are you going to cruise faster, your going to have way more power on take-off & your climb out. Which is very important if you are going into tight landing strips where you need every ounce of power you can get from your engine.

So make sure you factor that in when you compare the prices on the two airplanes. Sure the 170 is cheaper, but if you can justify it - spend the extra on the 180!

Reason #2 - You Will Probably Never Need Another Airplane (Here's Why)

The great thing about buying the 180 is that you are probably not going to need to buy another airplane unless you are looking at moving up to a six seater. The 180 has pretty much everything you are ever going to want and has the power & speed to get you where you need to go.

When you look at the classified listings for the 180, your going to find that quite a few of the ones on the market have been owned by people who have kept them for a very long time.

Why would you ever want to get rid of an airplane that is almost perfect
& that will fly almost anywhere?

So even though it might cost you a bit more when you buy, it is still going to be a great value over the long run.

Think Through This Issue

If you have the money and the budget your going to want to think about the Cessna 180 over the 170. What happens with a lot of pilots is they will compare the two of them (which both are great airplanes) and then decide on the 170 because of the purchase price difference.

But if you have the money, the reason that you are going to want to think about the 180 is because you are going to be able to get more power and a bigger airplane. You might think you don't need more power & a bigger airplane. But once you get into flying your 180 for a few hundred hours, you might just change your mind and realize that you like to have the extra power.

If your flying a lot of people and or trying to get in and out of tight places in terms of landing - it's going to be very helpful to be able to have that extra power and carrying capacity. Just something to think about when your doing your research.

You don't hear very many pilots telling you that they wish they had less power and carrying capacity with the airplane that they purchased! It's usually the other way around. And in a lot of cases, that is why some pilots sell their smaller ones and move up into bigger airplanes.

Reason #3 - The Power & Payload

That extra horsepower is going to be worth it when you are flying into remote locations and you have a full load. Also, the extra 30 knots of cruise speed is going to make a huge difference if you are going to fly long distances.

Sure the Cessna 180 is known for the fact that it is somewhat of a "bush plane". But you have to realize that it is a "bush plane" and everything else! There are very few planes that will give you the options and versatility that the 180 will give you.

You can land pretty much where every you need to & you can haul pretty much whatever you can fit in the door of the airplane. It may not be the fastest Cessna single engine airplane, but when you factor everything else into the equation - it's a great all around aircraft.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 180

Cessna 180

Cessna 180


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