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Cessna 180 For Sale Canada

Cessna 180 For Sale Canada - Make Sure You Think About These Issues

The Cessna 180 is one of the most versatile 4 seater Cessna's you could possibly own. You have the options of flying on floats, skis and on land. Not only that, the 180 has a lot of power and some very good performance specs...

But if you are going to buy one in Canada you are going to want to make sure you think about a few things before you make your purchase. The worst thing you can do is rush ahead and buy the wrong airplane. Because as you know, the Canadian market is smaller then the US market and getting out of the wrong airplane could take you a while!

2 Important Things Every Pilot Should Think About If Your
Buying A Cessna 180 In Canada

First - Focus On Getting A Low Time Model Vs One With Updated Avionics:

One of the biggest mistakes buyers make is they buy airplanes based on the fact that the one they are looking at has a great avionics dash and setup. You have to realize that having all the latest navigation technology and digital equipment is great, but it can come at a very steep price.

If you buy an airplane based on the fact that it is totally updated, you will likely be paying a premium for those updates. Not only that, you have to remember that even though all the avionics and navigation equipment is new now, it will be getting older every single day.

Also, eventually it will hit the point where it will now devalue your airplane verses increase the value of it. So you have to make sure you focus on getting a Cessna 180 that is fundamentally sound and has a low time on the airframe as well as the engine.

The biggest reason for this is because if and when you sell it someday you are going to want to make sure you can get a great price for it. And if you have a low total time, you should be able to get a better price then if you have a high time airplane & cool avionics.

Most Pilots Don't Think About This Till It Is To Late

The one thing that a lot of pilots like to have is a lot of stuff in the dash of the airplane that they are buying. I think it must be wired into us as pilots to want to have a lot of navigation equipment - even if we never plan on using it or actually need it.

But the thing that a lot of pilots don't think about is the fact that all that stuff will need to be fixed and updated. Sure you can get away with leaving it as is for a few years. But eventually all those digital toys in your dash are going to start to need replacing and or servicing.

The other problem that most pilots never think about is the fact that if you have outdated equipment in your dash, and you need to sell your airplane - your going to have a tough time as no one wants to buy an airplane that has outdated equipment.

This is especially true when your dealing with selling your airplane in a down market. If there are 5 other models just like yours that have nice & new equipment - your going to really have to do some work on your price in order to get your airplane sold.

The moral of the story is this -- Just be careful about getting a 180 with to much equipment in it that you are not going to use & that will cost you money to fix.

Second - Make Sure You Buy One That Has This

Your going to want to make sure the 180 that you are looking for has the right equipment in terms of floats & skis. If you plan on doing float flying with your 180, make sure it already is equipped with floats and if you are going to land on snow, make sure it already has skis.

The reason that I say this is because a lot of people buy airplanes they like and then go through the process of getting them fitted for floats or skis.And you have to realize that as soon as you start doing that, your going to be spending even more money & investing more time in making it happen.

Also, if you negotiate right and do a good job on the buying process - you might be able to get a 180 with all the equipment and not have to increase the amount you are going to pay for the bird you are looking at. Many of the ones on the market already have the skis & floats.

Here's Why You Should Do This

You might be thinking that you don't want a 180 with floats and skis... That is fine BUT you might want to start using those tools down the road. You never know when you might want to start learning how to use this equipment.

As well - when you go to resell your 180, if you have all the different landing equipment - you are going to make your airplane a lot more attractive to the potential buyers on the market who might be looking for a nice 180 that is decked out with the float & ski options.

So just save that time and money and get one that already has the landing equipment you need so you can get right to work flying your Cessna 180.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 180 For Sale Canada

Cessna 180 For Sale Canada

Cessna 180 For Sale Canada


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