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Cessna 177 Review

Cessna 177 Review - Is There Any Advantage
To Owning This Aircraft?

When it comes to buying a Cessna single engine four seater you have a few options. Not only that, within the few options that you have you also have various versions of each of the models that Cessna has rolled out over the years.

Because the Cessna 4 seaters have been around for so long, there have been many modifications and advancements over the years. So with all these choices and models to choose from - is the 177 still a good option for a Cessna 4 seater?

2 Compelling & Interesting Reasons Why Every Pilot
Should Look At The Cessna 177

First - It's Still Popular (This Is Important)

The one good thing about getting a Cessna 177 is the fact that it is still somewhat popular and sells well. It seems to be one of those airplanes that some pilots really love and when they get a good one they don't want to get rid of it.

Because of this fact, it should generally keep the inventory levels under control as well. Meaning, you should not find massive amounts of them for sale on the market at any given time. Sure, when you are buying one you want to have a lot of options, but you have to realize that it is a good thing when there are not a lot of the airplane you are looking for - for sale.

The reason is that if you are going out to buy an airplane and you see hundreds of them on the market and owners are looking to get rid of them at any price, it makes you wonder what is wrong with the airplane that so many owners would want out.

So that is why it is so important that when you buy an airplane you get one that the inventory levels are under control - like the Cessna 177.

Be On The Lookout For This

One of the things that a lot of pilots who are looking to buy airplanes don't see or think about is this issue of excessive inventory levels. If there is a lot of airplanes for sale in terms of the model you are looking at, you need to really figure out what is going on.

It could be that the airplane is cheap to buy, but for some reason parts are expensive or mechanics have a tough time fixing it. Your going to have to get to the bottom of this issue if you are considering buying an aircraft that has a massive amount of used inventory on the market.

Not only that, even if you figure out what the issue is - you still are going to likely want to stay away from the airplane. The reason is that eventually your going to want to sell your airplane to either upsize or get out of flying. (Hopefully to upsize) (-:

And when it is time to do so, you are not going to want to have to sit on your airplane for months before you can sell it or have to drop your price by a massive amount of money to get what you need for it.

The Cessna 177 looks pretty good in terms of these issues, but you are going to want to check for yourself to see for sure.

Second - The Room In The Cabin

One of the best features of the Cessna 177 is the fact that this airplane has a lot of room in the cabin. In general most Cessna 4 seaters have a lot of room, but I found that the 177 is really good in this department and the designers did a great job providing lots of room to fit all your gear and a few people.

The doors are big enough that you should not have to fold yourself in half to get into the airplane. As well, there is lots of room in the front so you can store some maps, portable GPS and other things you need quick access to.

As well, you have that nice big Cessna control panel/dash that you can load up with lots of navigation equipment if you like to fly long distance flights. But all in all, the 177 is a great airplane that has had a long history to base its reputation on.

Here's A Clue To Know If It's A Good Airplane

One of the things that you should know about the 177 is that a lot of owners seem to keep these airplanes for a really long time! You'll notice in some of the classifieds that the planes have been owned by the same owner for years and in some cases - decades.

That's a good thing to see. You want to see ads where pilots are having a tough time getting rid of it because they loved the airplane so much. Those are the ones you want to have a good look at. If the owner has had it for a couple decades, then there is a good chance that it's probably a good airplane to consider buying.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 177 Review

Cessna 177 Review

Cessna 177 Review


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