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Cessna 177 For Sale Canada

Cessna 177 For Sale Canada - Here's Two Things
Do BEFORE Buying

The Cessna 177 is a great 4 seater aircraft that has been around for many decades now and has stood the test of time. A lot of pilots like to fly the Cessna 177 and therefore it is a somewhat popular airplane to own.

However, when your buying one in the Canadian market you have to realize that the amount of inventory that is going to be available is going to be a lot smaller then if you were buying one in the United States. Because of this, your going to want to make sure you get your purchase "right" the first time.

2 Things To Closely Consider Before Buying A
Cessna 177 That Is For Sale In Canada

First - Are You Going To Get The Retractable Version (RG)?

The great thing about the Cessna 177 is the fact that you have the option of getting retractable landing gear. The reason that this is so important is because you are going to want to really think through if it is right for you BEFORE you buy the airplane.

It will cost you some more money in extra fixing & your insurance might be higher with having the retractable gear. For some reason, some insurance companies think that having the "RG" version is going to increase your risk. Also, because of the fact you have extra moving parts, your going to need a mechanic to keep it in top shape.

But with the retractable gear you are going to gain some speed and will have a cleaner flying airplane as far as aerodynamics go. I personally have flown both retractable airplanes & fixed wing ones and I personally prefer airplanes that I can get the gear up on.

Think About This As Well

One of the important things that you are going to want to think through is the amount of inventory on the market for you what your looking for. If you are looking for an RG version and there is none on the Canadian market, your going to have to make a choice.

You can either wait till one comes on the market and get it, or you can settle for a non RG version of the 177. But the thing you have to make sure you don't do is just buy some junker that does have the RG feature simply because that is the only one on the market when you were looking.

It is not a super popular aircraft and the pilots who buy them seem to keep them for a really long time. So you have to make sure you have a good amount of patience when your looking for something as specialized as the RG version of this aircraft.

If you have time and can wait for the right one, you should be rewarded when the right one comes on the market as you will know exactly what your looking for & you'll be able to take advantage of the deal right away.

Second - What Are Your Goals With The Cessna 177?

It is very important that you think through very carefully what exactly you want this airplane to do for you once you buy it. If you plan on getting into heavy single engine IFR flying with the Cessna 177, your going to want to make sure the aircraft already has what you need!

That way you don't have to waste downtime and extra money trying to get it up to speed to handle the flying you want it to do. Not only that, if you buy the plane with the equipment you already need in it - you now don't have a bunch of expenses on top of the purchase in terms of adding the equipment in.

Most pilots don't think about their goals in terms of what they want to do with the airplane when they get it. They are just excited that they are buying an airplane and now don't have to rent the junker down at the flying club or flight school! But it is important to think through these things so you can get the best deal possible.

Do The Math On This

You really need to sit down and figure out what it is really going to cost you to get the exact 177 that you are looking for and in the condition that you are looking for it in. If you want something that you can fly single engine IFR, then your going to have to make sure it has the equipment in it already when you buy it.

It's no secret that putting in expensive digital navigation equipment is not cheap. Sure you are going to get the newest and best stuff, but the bottom line is that you are going to have to pay top dollar for it & if your putting it in an airplane you just bought, your going to have to let it sit and get all the stuff installed.

So figure out exactly what you want in terms of equipment and see if you can find one on the used market that has all that you want in it or close to it. That way your going to be able to hopefully save some money due to the bird already having everything you want in it.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 177 For Sale Canada

Cessna 177 For Sale Canada

Cessna 177 For Sale Canada


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