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Cessna 170 Review

Cessna 170 Review - Should You Consider This Taildragger?

One of the best entry level 4 seater taildraggers is the Cessna 170. It has been around for decades and is still very popular to this very day. But should you consider this classic Cessna if you are looking for a potential taildragger or bush plane?

When you are on the hunt for your next airplane, you have to realize that getting one that has stood the test of time is very important. Not only has the 170 done this, but it has also shown that it's age is not holding it back from keeping up with current aircraft's. You can still do a lot with this bird...

3 Great Reasons Why The Cessna 170
Might Be Worth Buying

Reason #1 - They Are Not Making Them Anymore
(This Is Key)

The great thing about the Cessna 170 is the fact that there are not more of them coming on the market to buy. You can only buy what is left and what is still flying after all these years. And the great thing about this is that over the coming years there will be less and less of them on the market.

The reason that this is happening is because over time some will crash, some will have to be parted out and others will end up in hangers and never be flown. The other factor with this aircraft that you have to understand is that a lot of the owners who have 170's don't sell them very often.

Because they are a classic Cessna had are such good airplanes, owners who only fly once every couple years still keep these things! It is very common to see a lot of the ones for sale being owned by owners who have had them for 10+ years and who are having to sell them due to medical reasons, exc.

Your probably not going to have to lose any sleep at night worrying about the fact that one day the market will be flooded with Cessna 170's. And that is a good thing because even though you might have to pay a bit of a premium to get one, you can feel good about knowing that you should get a good price for it when you do decide to sell it or upsize.

Don't Underestimate This

When you buy an airplane like the 170, you have to remember that you are not only getting a great airplane, but your also getting something that has a very long track record. And that is worth a lot in terms of peace of mind.

You know that this airplane has stood the test of time for many decades and is probably going to be around for a long time. There's been a few airplanes that came out over the years with huge fan fair about how great they were going to be & then they flopped!

Reason #2 - You Can Do A Lot Of Things With Them

You can fly them as the standard taildragger which will give you the option of landing on some rougher and more remote air strips like grass, gravel, ice strips, exc. And the other things you can do is fly it on floats in the summers. That's pretty a pretty cool option to have even if you are not thinking about using floats right away.

The option is still there and you never know when you might want to become more adventurous and throw some floats on it and head up to some remote lake. And in the winter you can put skis on the 170 so you can get access to all kinds of remote areas to fly into.

You might not have floats and skis in your plans for flying right now, but once you get a Cessna 170, you never know what will happen. You might want to start flying into more places with this great 4 seater. And if you do get the "flying bug" to become a bush pilot - you at least have that option!

Reason #3 - The Price

In my opinion, the best thing about this airplane is the fact that you can get it for cheap! Of course "cheap" is going to be different for everyone. But when you factor in all the things that this aircraft can do for you, the fact that it is simple, has stood the test of time & is cheap to own - you can see that it's a good aircraft.

The price is going to be (in most cases) better then that of a 180 - so that is a good thing. And for a 4 seater entry level taildragger, it's priced very well... Well enough that you should be able to still justify it even if you are not using it for work related purposes.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 170 Review

Cessna 170 Review

Cessna 170 Review


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