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Cessna 170 For Sale

Cessna 170 - Surprising Reasons Why
This Aircraft Makes A Lot Of Sense

When it comes to getting a tail wheel aircraft (tail dragger) you are going to want to make sure you seriously consider buying the Cessna 170. You are not going to find many other aircraft's in its class that are going to compare to it when you closely examine the other alternatives.

When most people are thinking about buying a tail dragger or Cessna 170 usually have a specific purpose in mind as to what they want to use this aircraft for. In most cases it is to get in and out of remote areas & be able to do things like use ski's & floats.

That said, you'd be surprised how many people want to buy this airplane for the simple fact that it is a classic and looks really cool! (-: A lot of pilots love to fly tail draggers & if your not into the 2 seater Cessna 150, this is the next best option before stepping up to the 180. (Which is A LOT more money!)

3 Things Every Pilot Should Know About Buying A Cessna 170

First - Don't Underestimate The Carrying Capacity (Here's why)

The great thing about this aircraft is the fact that you have about 1,000 pounds of weight that you can use however you want. This airplane will haul a lot of your toy’s, friends and whatever else you can fit through the door.

There are not a lot of other aircraft's out there for this price that are going to be able to haul what the 170 can. Not only that, there is enough space in the cabin for you to actually have some room to move around. Cessna has done an amazing job at making sure this aircraft will haul a lot and still give you room to enjoy the flight.

Most people don't realize how important this is until they buy the wrong
They then realize that they should have got one that can haul more
stuff! Chances are pretty good that your not going to have this problem with the
170 unless you are trying to load your car into it! (-:

Second - It'll Get You In & Out Of Tough Places (Don't underestimate this! Here's Why..)

The great thing about the 170 is the fact that you are going to be able to take off from pretty much any grass, dirt, gravel or paved strip you can find. You are probably not going to be able to do that with the Cessna 172.

The great thing about this unique ability is the fact that you are going to be able to get into places where you normally would not otherwise be able to get into if you were flying a tricycle gear aircraft.

This may not seem like a big deal right now - but once you actually need to get into tight places and remote locations, you are going to be glad you are flying the Cessna 170! That is the beauty of having a tail dragger...

They are designed for rugged landing strips. I know of a number of pilots who land their tail draggers on the grass beside the paved runway whenever they have the opportunity! Crazy, I know - but a lot of pilots love the option of being able to do this.

Third - Owners Keep Them For Decades
(This Is Important)

People are really into them! You will find that when one that is in good shape goes up for sale it is usually because the owner can no longer fly it, an estate sale or someone wants to upsize to the 180.

You will find that in many cases, the ones listed for sale have been owned by pilots for a really long time. They really become a part of your identity after a while as they are classics, look great and quite cheap to keep around even if you are not flying them a lot.

That is important because when you go to sell the one you own, your probably going to have no trouble getting top dollar for it if it is in good shape. Good ones don't come on the market very often & when they do - they usually get picked up right away.

So when you find a good one that has been owned by the same owner for a good amount of time - make sure you take a serious look at it. Often, the owners who have had them for decades have not updated the interior or paint. But that's a good thing for you because you can use that as a negotiating tool to hopefully get a better price.

And make sure you seriously consider buying this great Cessna classic as it could give you years of flying enjoyment!

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 170 Tail Dragger

Cessna 170 Tail Dragger

Cessna 170 Tail Dragger


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