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Cessna 170 For Sale Canada

Cessna 170 For Sale Canada - This Taildragger
Is Still Worth Looking At

If you are looking for a great taildragger aircraft to buy in Canada, your going to want to make sure you really give the Cessna 170 a second look. The reason is because this is still a great & very useful aircraft even though it has been around for a long time.

There are a lot of pilots who prefer flying and owning taildraggers and the chances are pretty good that this trend will continue for a long time. Even now, many of the new light sport aircraft that are coming on to the market have options for a taildragger version.

3 Compelling Reasons Why The Cessna 170 Is A Great Option To Buy

First - It Fits With The Canadian Climate:

The great thing about the Cessna 170 is the fact that you can adapt the airplane to pretty much any flying condition that you need to in Canada. If you are flying around a lot of lakes and remote areas, you can get floats for your 170.

The great thing about the floats on this airplane is the fact that in the winter you can have them removed and put skis on the Cessna 170! So now your ready for the winter as well... And that is the great thing about the Cessna 170 over the 172 or various other aircraft.

And with the Canadian winters being so long, having the ability to put skis on the 170 gives you a lot more options and allows you to get in and out of a lot more areas verses if you just had to stick with the paved runways.

Not only that - it's a simple airplane! This is important because if you are flying into remote areas and your going to be in the cold weather, your not going to want something that has a super complex dash with all kinds of digital equipment. It's bad enough getting that stuff repaired when your in a major city...

But having to deal with break downs with massive amounts of digital equipment in the middle of nowhere could cost you a lot.

Don't Underestimate This

The one thing that a lot of pilots underestimate is how much they will potentially use the skis in the winter. If you get skis for your 170, your going to be able to have a lot of fun with it and potentially get it in and out of a lot of areas. Unfortunately winter is long in some parts of Canada, but you can make the best of it by using the skis and adding that skill to your flying ability.

You might not be interested in skis and floats right now, but you never know when you will be. And to have the option to use it down the road, is a great thing to have.

Second - It Is An In Demand Airplane To Own:

One of the other great things about the Cessna 170 is that this airplane is a very popular Cessna in Canada. This is impart because of the large amount of bush planes needed in the north & impart because it is so versatile within the Canadian climate and with the terrain.

The good thing about getting an airplane like the 170 that is in demand, is that you should be able to easily sell this airplane when you are done flying or when you want to upgrade to a bigger airplane. Most pilots make the mistake of thinking only about buying the airplane and never about the exit strategy that they need to have in place.

You never know when you might want to upsize to something with more power or more seating. As your flying time & skills increase you might find that you want to get a different airplane. So make sure you do a good job at getting the best Cessna 170 possible so you can maximize your trade or resale value down the road.

Third - Your Not Going To Out Grow It Very Easily

When it comes to flying, one of the biggest problems a lot of pilots have is the fact that they out grow the airplanes they buy. Eventually after you get a few hundred hours on the airplane that you own, your going to start getting bored with it and likely want another one that is bigger, faster, exc.

The great thing about the 170 is that it should be a while before you start to out grow it as you can do a lot of things with this great airplane. Your going to be able to fly on floats, skis & land in some pretty cool grass & gravel strips.

So when you combine all those things together, it makes you realize that you have a lot of flying options with this airplane. And as far as recreational use, your going to be able to get yourself in and out of a lot of different places.

The 170 is a great airplane that should give you years of fun flying in Canada...

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 170 For Sale Canada

Cessna 170 For Sale Canada

Cessna 170 For Sale Canada


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