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Cessna 152 Review

Cessna 152 Review - Is This Aircraft Still Worth Buying?

It seems that buying a 2 seater aircraft has never been more popular. Part of it has to do with the economics of owning a smaller airplane and the other part of it has to do with more and more people wanting to buy smaller airplanes to fly for just themselves and one other person.

But with the rise in popularity of the LSA market, the increased amount of 2 seaters becoming for sale - is the Cessna 152 still a good buy and worth the money?

2 Important Reasons Why The Cessna 152 Is
Still Worth Looking At Buying

Reason #1 - The Price Makes Sense For This ONE Reason

If you are thinking about buying a new light sport aircraft (LSA), your going to spend around or over $100,000 USD. Now, you are going to get a new aircraft for that price along with all the technology that comes with it.

However, if your not in the market for a six figure airplane, then the Cessna 152 is still a great option as it is cheap. You are not going to have to spend anywhere near six figures to buy the 152. And the great thing about that is because you don't have to spend a lot of money to get it - you can fly it for a few years to build up some hours on it and then you can upsize to a bigger aircraft if you like.

But if you buy a brand new 2 seater and pay a fortune for it, you are going to lose a massive amount of money in deprecation. Sure airplanes hold their value, but if you buy a new 2 seater with this years technology, in 3 years that manufacture has likely came out with something even better with better technology.

So because of this fact - the new aircraft you bought is now less valuable. But when you stick with something that is a classic like the Cessna 152, it is not being bought and sold based on it's technology so you don't have to worry about that issue.

And you could also potentially break even on it or make a bit of money if you do some work on restoring it and if you can get a great deal on it when you buy it! You just never know...

Don't Forget About This

The one thing that pilots seem to forget about when they are buying their first airplane is the fact that they have never owned an airplane before. And because of this you don't know what you really want until you have owned something. Then you start to figure out what you don't like about it.

It is like buying your first house... You love everything about it until you get it and then you start to realize all the things that you don't like about it and then you move. That is the same thing with getting your first airplane.

That is why it is so important to get yourself a used 152 verses getting something like a light sport aircraft that cost close to $100k. It is a lot easier to resell your 152 for $25k then it is to resell a $100k airplane. (In most cases) Also - your not going to have as much invested in it to worry about.

Reason #2 - It Is Easy To Learn On

If you don't have your licence yet, then the 152 is a great aircraft to buy because if you can find a flight school that will train you on a Cessna 152 & you end up buying one down the road - your not going to have much of a learning curve as you'll be flying the same airplane that you own.

Or if you have your private licence and trained on a 150 or 152, then your not going to have worry about relearning how to fly and have to worry about getting checked out on another airplane. And lastly, if you have been flying another airplane - the 152 should not be very hard for you to learn on as it is very simple and has great flying characteristics.

You have to realize that you can waste a massive amount of time re-training on a new airplane. So, by buying a model that you have trained on - your going to give yourself a real head start in terms of skills for flying on that airplane. And you'll save a lot of cash in terms of re-training.

The Hidden Factor

When your buying your first airplane, the most important factor to success is that of confidence. If you don't have it - your not going to have a lot of fun while you are flying. That is why it is so important that you get something that you feel comfortable flying.

And if you have been training on the 152 or the 150, you should have a lot more confidence in yourself and in your abilities so you should be able to experience a lot more success and have a lot more fun flying.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 152 Review

Cessna 152 Review

Cessna 152 Review


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