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Cessna 152

Cessna 152 - Is This Classic Still Worth Buying?

One of the best ways to figure out which is going to be the best airplane to own or to buy is to look at history. The bottom line is, you are not going to find very many aircrafts for sale that have stood the test of time like the Cessna 152.

They are about the closest thing to permanent fixtures at airports that you can get! Most people looking to buy a Cessna 152 that is for sale are usually the same people who took their training in one.

And because of that factor - a lot of people like to buy one. Not only that, people who DON'T have their private licence yet also look at buying 152's so they can train in their own airplane.... Which is a great strategy as you can save a bit of money and get trained in your own airplane. (Very cool!)

4 Important Things Every Pilot Should Know About Buying A Cessna 152

#1 - They Are Forgiving (This Is Important)

If you have ever flown one you know that they are super easy to fly and because of the fact that you are not doing 400 miles an hour in it, you can easily correct your mistakes before you land in a field somewhere.

And if your flying something that is easy to fly - it tends to make you look good! You should be able to easily put your passengers at ease. Not only that, these airplanes are really forgiving when you do something like have a hard landing.

And because your not going 200 knots, things happen a lot slower and you have more time to react. It's a nice airplane to learn on because of this factor.

#2 - They Are Cheap To Insure (Here's Why)

If you are just starting out and thinking about getting your own airplane, you might want to think about starting with a Cessna 152 for the simple reason that you can easily build up hours in it before you buy a bigger airplane like the 182 or Cessna 210. Insurance is going to be cheaper on the 152 in most cases, so take advantage of this factor.

Not only that, but the chances are pretty good that you have trained or will be trained on a 152 or 150. And if you do get your licence on a 152 or 150 that means your going to have dozens of hours in this airplane already.

And that is what the insurance companies like to see. If your a low time pilot but have most of your time on the type of aircraft your looking to buy - it should help you to get a better rate from the insurance company as your going to be less of a risk.

#3 - You Don't Have To Deal With These "Extra" Issues

The Cessna 152 is a pretty simple airplane. You are not going to have to deal with variable pitch props, retractable landing gear & 3 axis autopilot systems that can cost you a fortune to fix. These airplanes are nice and simple compared to the other bigger models you can buy.

A lot of pilots don't realize how expensive it is to do the upkeep on a high performance single engine airplane. You really never know until you own one. That's the great thing about the 152 - you don't have to deal with all the "extra" issues you that have to deal with when you buy a bigger airplane.

#4 - They Make Sense For This ONE Important Reason

These airplanes are cheap to buy! The bottom line is that you can get one for less then you would be paying for a used car. Everyone is going crazy about the light sport aircrafts that you can buy. But your still going to have to pay over $100k for a new one of those.

But you can find a good used Cessna 152 that is for sale for cheap... A lot of people spend more money on vacations or a travel trailer then you would have to spend to get your own 152.

So when you compare it to a new LSA & to buying other recreational toys, it makes you realize that the 152 is still a great bargain to buy and potentially own. And don't think that just because you buy a 152 that you are going to have to have it forever. It's a great used 4 seater - but you can always upgrade down the road.

And if you buy the right used one, you should be able to get a really good price for it when you resell it and upsize!

The bottom line is that if you buy the right one, you are probably going to be very happy. There is a reason 152's are still selling like crazy - people love them!

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 152

Cessna 152