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Cessna 152 For Sale Canada

Cessna 152 For Sale Canada - The 152 Is A Great Option - Here's Why

One of the problems a lot of pilots have when they are thinking about getting an airplane that is for sale is they are not 100% sure that the one they are going to buy is the right one for them. It is easy to always second guess yourself when you are making a serious purchase like that of an aircraft.

Also, when you factor in the Canadian market your going to have other issues as well. This market is smaller and has different factors contributing to it verses that of the USA aviation market. That is why I want to show you 3 good reasons why the Cessna 152 is a great airplane to potentially own...

3 Reasons Why Every Canadian Pilot Should
Think About Buying A 152

Reason #1 - There Should Always Be A Few On The Market

This is a good thing when you are looking to get your first airplane! Because the market in Canada is smaller then the USA market, it can sometimes be hard to find the airplane that you are looking for if you want something that is not very popular.

You'll either have to sit around and wait for potentially years or you will have to try and import one into Canada which is a whole big process in itself. So just the fact that there are usually a few Cessna 152's for sale in Canada at any given time makes this airplane a great option if you are looking for one right away.

Think About This

If you are going to buy an airplane and you are in a smaller market like Canada, you have to realize that you want to find a model that has some comparable's. The mistake that a lot of pilots make when buying an airplane is they buy one that does not have a lot of comparable's.

Then what happens is, they can't get a good gage on what the price should be. It is like buying a house in an area where no houses have been sold in the last 5 years. You have nothing to compare against and you really have to take an educated guess as to what the price should be for the house.

Same goes for buying an airplane - you need to make sure you can put 3 or 4 up against each other so you can get a good idea what the one your looking at is worth so you don't over pay for it simply because you did not have good information on it.

Reason #2 - Parts Are Somewhat Easily Found (This Is Super Important)

The reality is that Canada can be a tough place to own the wrong airplane. If you have to constantly bring parts up from the USA, it could get very expensive and time consuming. There is no point in buying an airplane that will just sit in the hanger months on end waiting for parts.

That is the great thing about the Cessna 152 - it has been in Canada for decades and is a very common airplane. That means getting parts should not be a big problem and you are going to minimize your downtime in most cases.

Not only that, most AME's are going to be familiar with fixing this aircraft. This should save you a lot of downtime as well as you should not have to fly your 152 to the other side of the province or country to find someone who can fix it.

Reason #3 - They Are Easy To Own

One of the best things about buying a Cessna 152 is the fact that this airplane is very simple. You don't have to deal with massive amounts of electrical systems & tens of thousands of dollars worth of digital equipment.

Not only that, you are not going to have to spend a fortune on fuel either. When you compare this airplane with a 300 horsepower aircraft, it is very cheap to run. And that makes this airplane a very good purchase if you are looking for something that won't break the bank every time you decide to put fuel in it.

And if you are not planning on doing a lot of cross country flying, why even think about getting a bigger airplane? If you need to do a cross country trip, just rent a bigger airplane. That way you can still buy a 152, enjoy the low cost of ownership & then rent a bigger aircraft for the rare occasion when you need to use it.

You might find that this is a way better option and setup for you then simply going out and spending a fortune on a bigger airplane that you only can take advantage of 2 times per year.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 152 For Sale Canada

Cessna 152 For Sale Canada

Cessna 152 For Sale Canada


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