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Cessna 150 Review

Cessna 150 Review - Should You Buy A Cessna 150?

If you are looking for a 2 seater aircraft you have to realize that you have a lot of options these days when you factor in the light sport aircrafts as well. But if you are looking for something that is cheaper, stood the test of time and is very popular to this day then you need to think about the Cessna 150.

The choice to buy the Cessna 150 can be a tough one as there are other options on the market for older 2 seaters. But if you like the Cessna brand and have experience on this aircraft, you probably know what you are getting & know that this is a great airplane that has stood the test of time through out the decades.

2 Things Every Pilot Needs To Know About The Cessna 150

First - It's Cheap & Easy (To Keep In The Air)

When I say "cheap" I mean that relative to buying a larger airplane... The bottom line is that if you are even thinking about buying a Cessna 150, you have to realize that it will periodically break down on you. That is just the reality of owning an older aircraft.

But the good news is that they are very simple and don't have a lot of complex systems on them that cost a lot of money to fix. Some of the new airplanes are loaded with computerized systems, navigational equipment and expensive electrical processes.

But with the 150 - what you see is what you get! It's like a flying version of a classic car - simple yet great looking and gets the job done. That's a good thing because when you do need to get it repaired you should not have to worry about taking it to a specialized aviation mechanic.

Most Pilots Don't Think About This Till It Is To Late

Because the 150 has been around for so long and has such a great track record, you should not have a problem getting parts for it. If you were buying an exotic aircraft that is really new and not very popular, you would likely have to wait for parts and then pay a premium for those parts as there are not that many.

The chances are very good that no matter where you are in the USA, you should be able to find parts for your 150. Because they are so popular and have been around for so long, most of the mechanics who work on them usually have good sources for finding what you need.

Not only that, because they have been around for so long - most mechanics should have experience fixing them. That's very important because if you buy some exotic aircraft that the mechanics you are using have never fixed before, you are going to be in a bit of trouble.

Do you really want your airplane to be the one that they learn on? I sure would not want that situation to happen. So make sure you get an airplane that is somewhat common so it can be easily repaired when needed.

Second - It's Forgiving (This Is Important)

One of the best things about buying the Cessna 150 is the fact that it is so simple to fly and is so forgiving in the air. The great thing about this airplane is the fact that it does not go that fast. So if you are learning how to fly, you can learn without having to worry about going to fast.

Not only that, because it is so light it is somewhat easy and forgiving when you make a tight turn or drop it down on the runway a bit to hard. You would not want to make a habit of doing hard landings, but if your just learning - it's a lot better landing a 150 then another airplane with retractable gear.

The Dreaded Insurance Factor

One of the things that most people don't pay much attention to when they are buying an airplane is the issue of getting insurance. Most pilots think it is similar to getting a car. You go in, get the insurance and life is good.

It's not like that at all when you are buying an airplane. The insurance company is focused on reducing their risk when insuring pilots. And if your a 60 hour pilot - your a risk! So by getting a Cessna 150, you should be able to get insurance at a reasonable rate - especially if you have training experience on this airplane.

Then down the road once you have built up some time, you should be able to have the hours to hopefully get a good rate on a larger aircraft. But, the good thing is - the 150 is easy to fly, cheap to own & reasonable to insure (depending on your situation).

If your looking for a nice little easy to fly 2 seater, you should make sure you checkout the Cessna 150. Not only that - when you fill up at the pumps, you'll be glad you are flying this small classic verses a big twin engine.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 150 Review

Cessna 150 Review

Cessna 150 Review


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