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Cessna 150 For Sale

Cessna 150 For Sale - 3 Things Every Pilot Should
Know About This Aircraft

The Cessna 150 is one of the best 2 seater airplanes that you could possibly own and fly. You've probably flown one or in one before and know that they are really easy to fly, are very forgiving and not really that expensive to own.

A lot of people over look this great little airplane and focus on bigger ones or even rent bigger ones. Sure if you rent a Cessna 172, your going to get a faster airplane - but you have to realize that if you are in the market for an aircraft that is priced around what the average Cessna 150 is, you should think about buying one.

3 Important & Compelling Reasons To Think About Buying A Cessna 150

Reason #1 - You Can Build Hours On Them
(For Cheap)

The bottom line is that if you are going to eventually get a bigger airplane that has more speed and power, you are going to want to make sure you are focused on getting some hours under your belt.

So why not pick up a cheap used Cessna 150 and build your hours on this airplane?

If you are just starting out and you have never owned an airplane before, there is no better way to build up your skills & time then on a great little plane like the Cessna 150. The funny thing about building hours is that when you start out flying - you think you know a lot. Then about 100 hours into it, you realize you don't know anything!

That is why getting a good airplane like the 150 is so important as you can build confidence on them & you don't have to worry about getting yourself into to much trouble as they are not exactly a high performance airplane. So that means you can focus on mastering the fundamentals of flying.

The Insurance Factor

Once you have a few hundred hours under your belt, you’re going to be able to get insurance a lot easier on a bigger airplane. Not only that, your going to have a great skill level & you will have done it all on your own airplane & not some flying club "junker"! (-:

A lot of people don't think about the issue of insurance. They just assume that you can go out and get any airplane you want as long as you can afford to buy the airplane. That would be nice - but insurance companies don't think a new pilot with 50 hours of total flight time is exactly a safe bet for them to insure on a high performance aircraft.

We personally went through this and it was a big pain in the butt. So it is better to buy something smaller that you can build up time on so that down the road when you do have 300 hours or so on your 152, you should have a better chance at getting insurance for a more reasonable price.

Reason #2 - They Are Cheap To Repair

The great thing about getting a Cessna 150 is that you are not likely going to be stuck with huge repair bills all the time. You don't have to worry about expensive instrument panels, turbo chargers and retractable gear.

As long as you get a plane that has a reasonable amount of time left on the engine and you get it checked over before you buy it - you should not have to spend much money on keeping the thing in the air.

And if you do ever have to fix it, the parts are not going to be that expensive as their are a lot available and you can even get used parts as well. That is the great thing about getting an airplane that is popular -- there are likely going to be lots of parts available for you!

You'll Be Glad You Thought About This

One big mistake new pilots make is they buy airplanes that are rare and hard to find parts for. The problem is that if you are not near or in a major center, your going to have to likely rely on the local aviation mechanic to fix your aircraft (assuming you have one in the area).

And if you have some rare exotic aircraft that the mechanic has never worked on, your not really going to want to be his test pilot and let him figure out how to fix your aircraft. Not only that, if you have to pay him or her to find you parts and source them from all over the world, your going to have a lot of down time and a big bill every time you take it in to get fixed.

But the chances are very good that most mechanics in your area are going to know how to fix your Cessna. It's a common airplane and they likely have experience on it & should be able to find you parts very easily and quickly.

Reason #3 - You Can Still Get One For Cheap

The best part about this airplane is the fact that if you know what you are doing, you can get one for really cheap. There are a lot on the market right now and that means you are going to be able to be picky and get the right one that fits your situation.

So make sure you wait until you find one that you like with a low time engine on it and then don't be afraid to low ball the owner a bit. You might be able to get an amazing deal on one...

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 150

Cessna 150