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Cessna 150 For Sale In Canada

Cessna 150 For Sale In Canada - What Every Pilot Should Know

If your looking to get a great used 2 seater airplane, the Cessna 150 is a good choice & has been around for a really long time. They are cheap, very reliable and easy to fly! The key is that you are going to have to make sure you find the right one if you are in Canada as the market is a bit different then in the USA.

With about 10% of the population, you are going to have a lot less airplanes to choose from. Not only that, because the Cessna 150 is an older airplane - you are going to have to deal with the fact that there good be a number of planes on the market that do not meet your requirements.

That said, if you can find the right 150 - you could have years of fun and exciting flying ahead of you...

2 Things You Need To Watch Out For When
Buying A Cessna 150 In Canada...

#1 - Be Careful About Buying Flight School 150's

One of the problems with buying an airplane in Canada is the fact that the market is smaller then in the USA. The problem with this is that you can easily start focusing on buying less then ideal airplanes because you can't find the exact one that you are looking for.

And that leads to flight school Cessna 150's! As you probably know, a lot of flight schools use Cessna 150's and Cessna 152's for their training. They are cheap on fuel, easy to fly and really make a lot of sense.

The problem is that in most cases you don't want to be on the buying end of one of these airplanes when a school is trying to get rid of it. In a lot of cases they have a lot of total time on the airframe and they also have been flown hard.

Think About This For A Second

Remember your first dozen or so landings? You probably hit the runway pretty hard. I know I sure did... I thought I was going to drive the airplane 10 feet underground.

Now imagine that happening hundreds of times! A person really never knows what it is doing to the structure of the airplane or how it will effect it long term... You have to remember, these airplanes are not exactly new.

So when you have all kinds of students flying them hard over the years and then you get pilots who rent them and fly them to the max, it takes its toll on them. Just like a rental car gets run down after a while. Sure most pilots are safe, but you don't usually care about rental airplanes as much as you care about your own.

That is not to say all flight school 150's are going to be bad. It is not like the instructors and owners intentionally wreck them. It is just that the nature of the task that you are using the 150 for is a hard one on the aircraft.

All that said - if you fall in love with a great deal from a flight school - just make sure you really know what you are doing and make sure it is a very low time airplane.

#2 - Don't Buy A Local One Just Because It Is Convenient

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is buying a Cessna 150 simply because it is going to be convenient. This happens a lot to people who see an airplane at a close city and think that it would be a good idea to just get it because it is going to be simple and they can get the airplane in a matter of a few days.

The problem with doing this is you limit yourself to such a small area that you are not comparing airplanes properly. If you make your area of searching bigger, you could get a few more comparable's into the picture.

Then you would be able to compare 4 or 5 good Cessna 150's and be able to better tell if the one one that is local is going to be the best one for your personal situation or if you should find another one in a different area.

Remember This One Thing

If you find a great deal on a Cessna 150 on the other side of Canada, you have to realize that you can negotiate the delivery of the aircraft. If the owner wants to sell it bad enough, he'll make sure that it gets to your location.

A lot of pilots don't think about this, but you have to realize that you can negotiate the delivery so that they pay to have it flown to your location. It's not your fault the aircraft is on the other side of Canada.

If a car dealer finds the car you want but it is in another province with a dealer there, they are not usually going to charge you to get it to their dealership. So make sure you negotiate to have it delivered!

That said - you just might want to fly your new baby home across the country too. And that is cool as well! But just remember that you can look outside your local area to buy an aircraft.(-:

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Cessna 150 For Sale In Canada

Cessna 150 For Sale In Canada

Cessna 150 For Sale In Canada


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