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Carbon Cub

Cubcrafters Carbon Cub - Some Important Things You Should Know

If you are looking for a Cub, your going to want to make sure you really look at the Cubcrafters Carbon Cub. It's a very nice and very modernized version of the original Cub that has become legendary. And for some pilots, they want to take advantage of the modernization of this classic & you can do so with the Cubcrafters Carbon Cub...

IMPORTANT: Cubcrafters has a number of models to choose from. Were going to focus on the Carbon Cub in this article. As with any airplane, your going to want to make sure you have the right licence to fly the airplane you are looking at buying as some of them have different classifications. So make sure you always check with the manufacture for the up to date classification of the airplane your buying...

2 Important Things Every Pilot Should Know About The Carbon Cub

First - The Engine Is Awesome (Here's Why)

The Great thing about the Cubcrafters Carbon Cub is the fact that you can take advantage of modern engineering. Some pilots want a restored airplane that was made decades ago, but others want a new one with the modern features.

Just like some people want a new car and others want a restored one. And with the Carbon Cub, your going to get an engine that is amazing. This bird comes with a CC340 engine that will give you 180 horsepower on takeoff and climb. And it will give you 80 horsepower in cruise.(1)

Not only that, the fuel consumption can go as low as 5 gallons per hour! That's pretty good considering the power this airplane can put out.(2) You can do a lot of flying if your only burning 5 gallons per hour. It makes for a more reasonable ownership experience when you don't have to burn 20 gal/hr to fly around on a Sunday afternoon.

Did You Think About This?

I think that the biggest feature of the engine on this Carbon Cub is the fact that engine has a 2,400 hr TBO.(3) Of course, that is going to depend on how you take care of it, but still - even if you can come close to 2,400 hours - that would be amazing as you can get a lot of time out of this airplane.

The average pilot fly's around 50 hours a year. So at that rate, this engine would last you about 48 years! (-: Now lets say you fly 200 hours a year, that means you should still get about a decade of flying out of your Carbon Cub assuming you can take it close to the TBO.

That's a pretty cost effective engine when you consider how long it should last you if you fly the normal amount of hours in a year that a pilot fly's.

Second - The Engineering Is Amazing

When you look at the Carbon Cub, it looks pretty simple and you would think that there is not much they could have done to it to make it better then the original Super Cub from years ago. But looks can be very deceiving and that is the case with the Carbon Cub.

It actually has 50% fewer parts & is 250 pounds lighter then a similarly equipped Super Cub. That's pretty impressive as when you look at it - you can't really tell they did all this!(4) (-: They've really turned the Super Cub into a high performance airplane when you compare the two of them side by site.

And that is the great thing about the Carbon Cub. Your buying a massive advancement in technology and engineering. A lot of pilots simply look at the outside of the two planes and think that they should just get the old Super Cub because it is going to be cheaper.

But if you can find the money, your probably going to be a lot happier with the Carbon Cub. Don't underestimate how far the technology has come with this aircraft. Sure they look similar, but beyond that - the Carbon Cub is a well oiled machine.

Don't Forget About This

But the great thing about having 50% fewer parts is the fact that you have 50% fewer parts! That means your going to be spending less money (all things being equal) on parts over the life of your airplane as you don't have as many to worry about.

Not only that, when your buying a new or newer aircraft like this one, you should not have to worry about spending all your time in the hanger getting it fixed and dealing with surprise issues that keep showing up.

Sure you'll pay a bit more money to get a new or newer aircraft, but at the same time if you buy the right one, you really limit the amount of down time you are going to have in terms of excessive repairs.

So if you are looking for a great little 2 seater, make sure you checkout the Carbon Cub.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Carbon Cub

Carbon Cub

Carbon Cub


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