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Canada Aircraft Sales

Canada Aircraft Sales - 3 Imporant Tips For Getting The Right Aircraft

If you plan on getting an aircraft in Canada, you are going to have to make sure you do a few things right or you will end up with the wrong airplane and potentially be stuck with it for a really long time.

A lot of pilots don't think about the fact that if they buy the wrong airplane, you have to resell it and get the right one. It's not quite as easy as it sounds... Reselling a junker is not exactly an easy process and you could end up keeping that airplane for months & in many cases - years.

The Canadian aviation market is very unique and is not a direct mirror image of the USA market as a lot of people think. Just because a type of aircraft is popular in the USA does not mean that it is going to be a good buy in Canada.

3 Tips Every Pilot Should Know For Buying The Best Airplane Possible
If You Are In Canada...

Tip #1 - Think About Using A Broker For This Reason

Just like if you were going to buy a house, you probably would end up using a licenced agent to help you find the right one for your needs. The reason is - they know the market better then you & can probably negotiate better deals then you can on your own.

The same thing is true when you are looking for an aircraft for sale that is in Canada. If you are buying your first plane, you likely don't have a lot of connections and have probably never negotiated a deal before.

So make sure you try and find a good broker who you feel comfortable with who knows the market better then you and who can negotiate the best deal possible for your situtation. They likely have a rolodex of potential sellers and a network that they can "tap" in order to get you the best deal possible.

Tip #2 - The Canadian Market Requires This ONE Important Skill

If you want to get the best plane possible & you have to do so from Canada, your going to want to make sure you have patience. It is the one thing that will help you get the best airplane possible within a smaller market.

It is no secret that the aviation market is a lot smaller in Canada then it is in the USA. Because of this reality you are going to have to make sure you be patient and wait for the right airplane to come onto the market that is going to match what you are looking for.

It is very important that you do this because you don't want to jump on the wrong airplane as it could take you a long time to resell it again if you ever had to. So make sure you simply wait and let the "good" deals pass you by so you can get the "best" deal for your situation.

If you rush things and get a lemon, your going to have to be sitting around waiting for the aircraft to get fixed all the time. And there is nothing worse then having that situation on your hands because while your aircraft is sitting in a hanger waiting for parts, your paying for hanger space and insurance.

Not to mention the fact your not flying! So make sure you be patient and wait for the right airplane to come along. The market may be smaller in Canada, but you can still get some great airplanes if you wait...

Tip #3 - Make Sure You Do This

Because the Canadian market is so small, your going to want to make sure that if you can't find the airplane you really want that you have a backup airplane model that you would be interested in buying as well.

It is a very important strategy because if after an extended period of time you still can't find the airplane you are looking for - then your going to want to move on to another type of airplane that might be more available in Canada.

So don't be to picky. Sure you need patience no matter what airplane you buy in this market, but at the same time - make sure you have a couple different airplane types that you are thinking about buying. You might find that you uncover a real "gem" and get a great deal.

Not only that, by being open to getting a potentially different aircraft you might be able to get a great one a lot quicker then if you waited for the other one that you were looking at buying. And remember, it does not hurt to look around and keep your eyes open for other airplanes. That does not cost you anything! But it could save you a lot of money & you might get a better aircraft.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Canada Aircraft Sales

Canada Aircraft Sales

Canada Aircraft Sales


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