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Buy An Aircraft - Where To Look To Find The Best One Possible

When it comes to finding the best aircraft in terms of buying one, you are going to have to make sure you find the right place to buy one. The reason is very simple - eventually you are going to want to sell this aircraft that you are buying. And when you do, you are going to want to maximize the value of it so you can get the most cash from the deal to buy an even better aircraft (if that is your goal).

So that being said - you need to make sure you are focused on finding the right place to buy the aircraft you want. And in doing that you have to realize that there are lots of other options in terms of finding a good bird other then just searching the popular aviation classifieds.

2 Great Places Every Pilot Should Be Looking
To Find The Best Aircraft Possible

First - Farm Newspapers & Classifieds (Here's Why)

One of the best hidden gems in terms of finding the best aircraft to buy is farming newspapers. The reason that these papers are so good is because a lot of farmers also have airplanes. You would probably be very surprised to find out just how many farmers also fly.

You have to realize that most farmers have quite a bit of land and can very easily take a small part of that land and put in a landing strip that they can take care of. Sure it will probably be grass, but it would be very convenient and easy to fly in and out of.

So when they are done flying and want to sell, a lot of them will take the easiest and cheapest route which is list their aircraft in the local farming papers classified section. Its probably cheap and very quick to do so they figure why not!

I have seen many great deals in some of these papers... You have to realize that in most cases a lot of these airplanes have sat inside hangers on farms for a while and don't get used a lot. It is not usually that the farmers is going broke that makes him want to sell, it could also be for heath reasons and simply because he does not fly any more.

So start surfing some agricultural newspapers and checkout the classified sections of them. Be patient, but eventually you might just find a real gem that is a great deal.

You'll Be Surprised

Don't snub your nose at this strategy as you might be surprised at the airplanes you can get on these sites. You'll probably find that that older Cessna's will be featured the most. The reason is that the older Cessna's were very popular a few decades ago and a lot of pilots still have them and are now trying to sell them.

Your probably not going to find some new expensive aircraft using this strategy, but if your looking for some older airplanes - give it a try. Now, just remember that some of these airplanes might need some work in terms of paint and interior. If they have not been flown in a while or updated, you have to realize that they might need some work. But that kind of work is good as it ads value to your airplane.

Second - Aircraft Brokers (There's A GOOD Reason...)

Another great way to find a good deal on an aircraft is using a broker. They can get you a good aircraft because of the fact that they are usually networked with pilots who are flying aircraft right now who might want to sell but don't have their airplanes listed.

A lot of brokers know of pilots who are interested in selling but who have not listed their airplanes yet. So they can possibly get you a really good deal because they know of aircraft's that have not even hit the market yet.

So make sure you talk to a few and tell them what your looking for. You never know what they might find you... Aircraft brokers are a great resource in terms of buying an aircraft.

Are You Thinking What I'm About To Say?

You might be thinking that dealing with an aircraft broker is like buying a car from a greasy sales guy at a nasty car lot in a dangerous part of town... I'm sure there are some greasy aircraft brokers, but you have to realize that for the most part these are very professional people who know what they are doing.

You'll probably find that a good amount of them are pilots and very passionate about flying. If you have never purchased an aircraft before, it would be wise to think about using one of these guys. At the very least, give a few of them a call and see if you like what they can do for you.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Buy An Aircraft

Buy An Aircraft

Buy An Aircraft


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