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Bushcaddy Sport - What Every Pilot Should Know
About This Rugged Aircraft

If your looking for a rugged and sturdy 2 seater that was built for the bush, your going to want to make sure you have a look at the Bushcaddy Sport. It is a great looking airplane that gives you a lot of different options if you are looking for something more then just a basic airplane to land on the paved runway...

IMPORTANT: In this article will be talking about the Bushcaddy Sport which is an experimental (special) light sport aircraft.(1) The focus is also on the factory built version... Every countries classification is going to be somewhat different and it can change as time progresses. So make sure you check with the manufacture as to what the current classification is on the plane your looking to buy.

2 Important & Compelling Reasons Why The Bushcaddy
Might Be Right For You

Reason #1 - You Can Do So Many Thing With It (Here's What I Mean)

The great thing about the Bushcaddy Sport is the fact that you can have the option of having nosewheel/taildragger convertible landing gear. If you want a taildragger, they can make that happen! But if you want the nosewheel version- they have that as well.

The great thing about the taildragger version is you can land on rougher surfaces like grass strips, gravel and put skis on it as well. And if you are in an area where there is snow in the winter, this opens up a lot of flying options.

With the skis your going to be able land on frozen lakes and all kinds of other places. Of course, the assumption is that you are smart about where you land so you don't hit something and can also take off again! (-:

Why This Is So Important

A lot of pilots don't think about this or realize just how important it actually is. You have to realize that if you get a normal airplane with tricycle gear, you could get bored with it. Especially if it is an LSA and is restricted in terms of power & speed.

And once you get bored with your airplane, you start to fly less and that means your skills get rusty which can lead to dangerous situations. Not only that, you did not buy your airplane to have it sit in the hanger all the time.

This is the great thing about the Bushcaddy! You can fly using all kinds of combinations of landing gear & you can get into places that you could not get into if you were flying a normal airplane.

So even though some of these options might not interest you right now, you never know if they will in the future. And if you ever do get interested in any of these features - you have the options to use them for your flying to give you more options.

Reason #2 - The Engine Options Are Great (This Is Important)

One of the problems with many 2 seaters that you can buy on the market today is the fact that they only have one option for an engine. You either take it or leave it! The great thing about the Bushcaddy Sport is the fact that you have 3 options for engines.(2)

You can get the very popular Rotax 912S (100 hp), the upgraded version which is a Rotax 914 (115 hp) or the Jabiru 3300 Engine (120 hp).

The Jabiru 3300 really gives you that extra boost in power as you will have 20% more then with the standard Rotax 912S. And if you plan on using skis or getting yourself into tight areas, your going to be thankful you have the extra 20 horsepower.

As well, these airplanes are not huge, so that extra 20 horsepower is going to really make a difference in terms of torque and power. It is not like this is a 300 hp airplane and your adding 20 hp more. This is a base level 100 horsepower airplane and adding 20 hp more should really give it some power!

Most Pilots Don't Think About This Till It's To Late

The great thing about the engines that the Bushcaddy has is the fact that they are pretty popular engines. That means you should not have much trouble finding parts when and if you need them.

Most pilots don't think about this until it is to late. A lot of pilots will buy airplanes that have engines in them that are unknown and very hard to find parts for. It's not something you think about all the time - that is, until you need parts and now your airplane is sitting in the hanger for weeks or months waiting for them.

This is especially important if your not in big cities where you are close to large aviation shops. If your dealing with smaller repair center's it's good to have a popular engine for them to work on.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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