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Bonanza B36TC

Beechcraft Bonanza B36TC - What Every Pilot Should Know About This Aircraft

The Beechcraft general aviation company has a long-standing reputation that began in the post-WWII era of general aviation. Thousands of newly trained military pilots returned home from WWII and wanted to continue their flying hobby. Cessna and Beechcraft were the two “big” general aviation names in this era.

While Cessna stuck to tried-and-true general aviation design elements, Beechcraft pushed the envelope of general aviation design and opted for retractable gear, pulley-assisted flap design and six-cylinder powerhouse engines.

IMPORTANT: The revolutionary reputation of the Beechcraft design didn’t stop in the post-WWII era. Today, Beechcraft continues to be one of the top producers of single engine aircraft. General aviation enthusiasts purchase Beechcraft airplanes for their simplicity, reliability and versatile flying ability. Beechcraft pilots also love the “feel” of the Beechcraft airplane. Flying a Beechcraft is truly a unique experience.

3 Compelling Reasons Why The B36TC Is A
Great Option For Buying

The B36TC Bonanza solidifies everything the Beechcraft model stands for and is the industry’s top 6-seater used general aviation aircraft. For the moderate to advanced general aviation pilot, the B36TC Bonanza is a perfect match of utility, efficiency, safety and cost.

Reason #1 - It's Pretty Hard To Argue With This

The B36TC Bonanza carries a long production history from 1982 to 2002 and boasts some of the top performance numbers in the industry for used general aviation aircraft. The B36TC Bonanza takes its roots from the Beechcraft Model 36 series, Beechcraft’s line of 6-seat aircraft beginning in 1968.

The B36TC Bonanza comes standard with a turbocharged single engine that pushes this aircraft to over 300 horsepower and around 213 knot at cruising speed. With the ability to carry anything from small to medium payloads, the B36TC Bonanza is the plane of choice for business owners and aviation families who want load versatility and power.

You'll also find that the B36TC compares very well with the twin engine Baron in terms of cruise speed. If you are looking for 2 engines for safety, then go after the Baron. But if you want speed and reasonable operating costs - the B36 is going to give it a real run for its money.

Reason #2 - They Were WAY AHEAD Of Their Time On This Important Aspect

Like all Beechcraft airplanes, the B36TC Bonanza is no exception to several classic Beechcraft design features. This airplane is amazingly engineered from the inside out. Not only that, it really did not compromise anything to get its great performance.

Some airplanes end up compromising a lot of different things in order to get really good speeds or a nice looking design. In my opinion - Beechcraft is pretty well rounded in these areas.

As far as the designs go, some of them take some getting used to, but once you do, you’re sure to love them:

• Beechcraft aircraft come standard with a unique coordinated yoke and rudder system, which allows pilots to make turns with the yoke and minimal rudder pressure. During high crosswinds on landing, some skill and experience is required to overcome this feature to keep the nose level with the runway.

•Straight tail design became standard in 1982, when the signature V-tail was dropped from production

Reason #3 - They Totally Over Deliver On The Inside

One of the most shocking features of the B36 series to pilots new to Beechcraft design is the payload size of the B36TC. The B36TC can seat up to six passengers and comes with a huge deluxe interior cabin. The interior of the B36TC originally came with plush seating, interior molding, neutral colors and fully adjustable seats.

Today’s used models on the market will generally have these same features, if not improved and replaced. All 36TC come with seating equipped Executive-style writing desks, entryway lighting, shoulder harnesses, headsets and club-style seating.

The B36TC’s instrumentation is traditionally Beechcraft, and you generally won’t find a glass cockpit retrofitted to this Bonanza. The instrumentation is classic and comes standard with propeller deicing, Garmin/Bendix navigation, Bose hard-wired audio and BF Goodrich weather avoidance. The B36TC also come with a radio and CD-player standard.

SIDENOTE: The B36TC also boasts a very impressive range, even with a large payload. This is due to the longer wingspan and increased fuel efficiency and capacity of the B36TC. The B36TC boasts a range of around 950 miles, depending on payload weight and fuel load.

Here's The Bottom Line --- If you are looking for a six seater high performance aircraft, your going to want to seriously look at the B36TC. It's a great airplane with really long history to back it up. I've personally got a good amount of time on turbo single's and I can tell you from experience - they are awesome to fly and give you good power and some good options as well.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Bonanza B36TC

Bonanza B36TC

Bonanza B36TC


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