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The Best Cessna

Best Cessna - 2 Simple Ways To Find The Best One Possible

If you are serious about buying an airplane there is a good chance that you probably are thinking about getting yourself a Cessna. That's a good thing as they are good airplanes that have really stood the test of time.

But the problem is that Cessna has created a lot of different aircraft over the past number of years and you have a huge selection to choose from in terms of models. And your going to want to make sure you buy the best one the first time around so you don't have to waste a bunch of time and money buying the wrong one and then having to rebuy something else down the road.

2 Surprisingly Simple Strategies Every Pilot Should Use To
Find The Best Cessna Possible

First - Use The 300 Hour Rule (This is very important)

What that means is you are going to want to make sure you think about what you would like the plane to do for you in 300 hours. After about 300 hours of flying your Cessna you should have some good confidence and know what you want the airplane to do for you.

The problem a lot of pilots have is they buy airplanes that are at their skill level right now and don't think about the future. If your a 60 hour pilot who just got through your training and you have been flying a Cessna 152, you might think about buying one because you feel comfortable with it.

This is very hard to do if you are a new pilot buying your first airplane. It is hard to think about what skills you might have in 300 hours when your currently still trying to figure out how to land in a cross-wind without skidding sideways off the runway! (-:

But be encouraged, the time will come when you will have more skills and you will overcome a lot of those challenges that new pilots have. And when you do overcome the challenges that new pilots have, you are going to want to make sure you can take on other "more exciting" challenges.

How To Skip This Whole Process & "Do It Right"

If you under purchased your airplane and your bored as soon as you figure out how to fly it without killing yourself, your going to stop flying and eventually your going to quit or never fly the airplane you thought you would fly for ever.

The problem is that you might out grow it's capacity in terms of your skills and then by the time you get 100 hours on it you'll be bored out of your mind and want to upgrade it to a bigger Cessna. And then you have to go through the whole buy/sell process all over again.

So, you can easily skip that whole process and get the right one that you think you will need long term. That does not mean you go from thinking about buying a Cessna 152 to now buying a Cessna 210. You probably would not be able to get insurance if you were a 60 hour pilot on a 210. Or it would be very hard...

So look at one that will at least give you some room to grow in like a 172 or potentially a 182 if you can get some good rate insurance on it. But you are the only one who can decide this. But just make sure you think it through so you can really get the best airplane for your flying needs.

Second - "Time Your Purchase" Using This Strategy

Timing is everything when you are thinking about buying a Cessna. The reason I say this is because I believe that a lot of pilots really rush into buying their Cessna's and end up with the wrong ones and never get the best one possible.

So if you are a low time pilot, and want a good Cessna 182 - then think about joining a flying club that can rent you one for a good amount of hours. That way you can get some supervised flying on it, build up your hours, learn the plane and then hopefully be able to get a good rate on your insurance.

Sometimes it is better to rent so you can build up more hours so then you can get the Cessna you really want... So, don't rush into things... Take your time and it will increase your chances of getting the best airplane possible.

Sure, renting sucks... Lets be honest - it's a pain in the butt! However, if renting for a short amount of time can get you into the right airplane "long term" you might be better off doing it for a short season so that you can get the Cessna that you really want! (-:

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Best Cessna

Best Cessna

Best Cessna


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