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Bellanca Super Viking

Bellanca Super Viking - Here's What Every Pilot Should
Know About This "Classic"

If you want a great airplane that was designed primarily in the 1960's and 1970's, your going to want to make sure you have a look at the Bellanca Super Viking. Because of the massive popularity of the Cessna & Piper single engine airplanes of this era, the Super Viking was somewhat left in the shadow.

Yet this airplane is a great airplane and is somewhat of a hidden gem that you really need to think about looking at if you are in the market for a faster 4 seater airplane. There were over 1,000 Bellanca Vikings manufactured during it's product run, so you know that a number of people had to like this aircraft when it was new or there would not have been that many created.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you realize the difference between the "Super Viking" and the fist generation "Viking". The models that end in (17-30 and 17-31) are the first generation Vikings. The following models are the "Super Vikings" - (17-30A), (17-31A), (17-31ATC).

Two Surprising Reasons Why The Bellanca Super Viking
Might Be Right For You

Surprising Reason #1 - Checkout These Great Performance Specs

You have to remember that when you are dealing with the Viking you have 2 options to choose from. You can go with the non-turbo version or you can get yourself a turbo charged version of this airplane.

As far as the performance specs for the non-turbo version goes (17-31A), your looking at a cruise speed of around 160 knots. That is not bad for a non-turbo airplane with 300 horsepower!

If you are looking at going with the turbo version (17-31ATC), your probably going to see a cruise speed of around 195 knots. Not only that, your ceiling will increase to about 24,000 feet as well. You have to remember that these numbers are @75% power.

Think About This For A Second

If you can fly 195 knots @ around 75% power, your still going to get a really good cruise speed if you bring it back to 65% power. Not only that, your going to burn a lot less fuel! You need to understand how important this is as most pilots don't even think about it.

It really is the best of all worlds in terms of speed & power. If you want to go higher, you can as you have the turbo charger. And if you want to get where you need to go in a hurry, you have the 300 horsepower and a great cruise speed @ 75% power.

Then if you decide you want a good cruise power setting, you can adjust your power back to 65% or even back lower to get a more economical power setting. It is totally up to you.
But at least you have that option.

If you get an airplane that cruises at 130 knots with 75% power, your not going to want to pull it back to 60% power or you'll be getting passed by the cars on the hi way below you! (-: (Okay, not really!)

But those are VERY GOOD numbers for a four seater airplane built in the era that the Super Viking was built in.

Surprising Reason #2 - The Strength Of This Aircraft
(Here's what I mean)

If you search the internet you should be able to find vintage pictures of people standing on the wings of this airplane. You will find that in a lot of the flight reviews, pilots often comment on the fact that the Super Viking handles very well compared to other airplanes they have flown.

Not only that, if you look back on the history of other Bellanca's you will find that some of them were built for aerobatics. The Super Viking was not - but it has a lot of powerful and strong characteristics of aerobatics airplanes.

Your probably not going to want to be flying it like it is a a fighter jet, but it is good to know that pilots like the fact that it handles well. That's a good thing! (-: And for pilots to comment on the fact that this aircraft handles well is very important because if you look at the age - you can see that it is not new! So that says a lot of about the engineering of this great aircraft in the era that it was built.

Not only is this airplane priced great, it also is fast & has great flying characteristics as well! So make sure you give it a really good look before you decide on which airplane you are going to buy. This one might be the right one for you.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Bellanca Super Viking

Bellanca Super Viking

Bellanca Super Viking


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