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Beechcraft B19 Sport

Beechcraft B19 Sport - Is This Entry Level Beechcraft Worth Looking At?

The Beechcraft B19 Sport came off the assembly line in 1966 and was in production until 1979. It is a great little aircraft if you are looking for an entry level four seater that is good on fuel and will still go somewhat fast.

IMPORTANT: When you are focusing on comparing various airplanes you have to make sure you are comparing "apples to apples"! One of the mistakes most people make is they simply compare everything based on it cruise speed. You have to realize that some of these entry level airplanes like the B19 Sport are designed to be more well rounded verses just fast. So make sure you don't get caught in that trap as you might end up with the wrong airplane.

2 Surprising Reasons Why The Beech Sport Is A GREAT Entry Level Aircraft

Surprising Reason #1 - The Limited Supply Of Used Inventory. (This is SUPER Important)

The reason that this is so important is because of basic "supply & demand"! If there are hundreds of units for sale of the exact same airplane, you are going to likely get a better price for it. Not only that, when you go to resell it, your not likely going to get much for it on the open market.

That is the great thing about buying an airplane like the Beech B19 Sport. There are not a lot on the open market at any given time, which means you will likely be able to get a great price for yours once you go and sell it again.

A lot of pilots don't think about this issue and they see it the wrong way. Sure your going to have to pay a bit of a premium over some other airplanes that have a massive amount of used inventory.

This Is Eventually Going To Happen

But you have to realize that eventually you might want to sell your Beech Sport and upgrade it. Or you might one day not be able to fly it anymore. We don't know the future. So why not get something that at least gives you some hope that you should be able to sell it.

If you have been around general aviation for any amount of time you probably know that some pilots have been sitting on their used airplanes for YEARS trying to sell them so they can get something bigger or move on. And while they are sitting on them, they are paying for insurance, annuals and storing the thing.

Here's An Insider Tip

Ask the pilots how long they have had the airplane that your looking at. If it is a good airplane (overall) your going to find that the majority of the pilots have owned them for decades in many cases.

This is a GOOD SIGN! If you inquire about 10 airplanes and you find out the the majority of the owners have had the airplane for over a decade, that should tell you something about this airplane.

If there are not a flood of them on the market, that is a good sign. That usually means that pilots actually like the airplane and they want to keep it. So just because you don't see a lot up for sale does not mean it is a bad thing. In most cases, it is a good thing.

Surprising Reason #2 - The Performance Specs
(Checkout how good they are)

The great thing about the Beech B19 Sport is the fact that its specs are really good considering its size. At 75% power your likely going to see a cruise speed close to 110 knots & you will see a range of around 600 nm. Not only that, if you manage your fuel well, you should be able to keep under 10 gallons per hour in terms of fuel burn.

SIDENOTE: It is not the speedster that a Mooney is, but it is a very nice well rounded airplane that has been around for a long time. Add that to the fact that there is not very many of them for sale at any given time, and you have a great combination.

Make Sure You Don't Compare These Airplanes The Wrong Way

You have to remember when your looking at the performance specs of older airplanes like the Beech Sport you need to compare them to other airplanes that were manufactured in the same era. If you compare a small airplane that was made in the 60's to one that was made in the late 1970's, of course your going to see a lot of difference.

And that is one of the problems a lot of pilots have when they are looking to buy an airplane. They compare the wrong models and get performance comparisons that don't even make sense. Sure the airplane that was made 10 years sooner is going to probably have better specs.

So make sure when you compare the Beech Sport to other aircraft that you compare it to ones that are similar years. That way you'll be comparing "apples to apples" and get a better understand of really how good this airplane is or is not.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Beechcraft B19 Sport

Beechcraft B19 Sport

Beechcraft B19 Sport


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