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Atec Faeta

Atec 321 Faeta - Some Surprising Reasons Why You Might Like This Aircraft

The great thing about getting a 2 seater airplane is the fact that if you are in the market for a newer version, there are a lot of great options. One of those options is the Atec 321 Faeta which is a Special Light Sport Aircraft. It is great looking and has a lot of cool flying and non-flight features...

IMPORTANT: Atec has a number of aircraft options. In this article were going to focus on the 321 Faeta which is considered a special light sport aircraft. Also, you have to remember that every country is a bit different in terms of how they classify LSA airplanes. It is such a new category that you are going to want to make sure you check and see that the airplane you are looking for fits the classification you need it to.

2 Unique Things Every Pilot Should Know About The Atec Faeta

First - The Range On This Airplane Is Amazing

One of the problems with a lot of 2 seaters on the market is the fact that you really don't want to go anywhere with them because you will end up stopping for fuel every 2 hours or so. The great thing about the Atec 321 Faeta is the fact that you won't have that problem.

It has a range of 1,000 nm(1) which as absolutely great! Having this kind of range gives you a lot of options to work with in terms of going places and working with your weight.

1,000 nm is a long ways and your going to have the option of going that far assuming you can keep within the gross weight. And that kind of range really opens up a lot of different options for you in terms of where you can take your 2 seater.

So no more having to worry about only going 200 nm for a $100 hamburger... You can fly A LONG way to get that hamburger now!

Second - These 3 Features Are Really Cool & Are A "Must Have"

One of the things that I like about this airplane is the fact that you have a few options to choose from. You can add in an autopilot - which would really help if you are looking to max this bird out and fly 1,000 nm or even close to it.

A lot of pilots don't think about this option until it is to late. If you are flying lots of cross-country flights that are over 1 hour, your going to really want to get an autopilot in the airplane you buy.

Sure you can fly long distance flights without it, but you end up having to trim the thing all the time and it is not a lot of fun. Believe me... So, don't get into a situation where you have to "wish" you had gotten an autopilot. Get an airplane with one in it!

Also - when you go to resell your aircraft, it should set it apart on the market. If you have one similar model with no autopilot and another one with the autopilot, chances are pretty good the pilot is going to want the one with the autopilot if the price is right.

The Feature That Could Save Your Life

One option I really like is the ballistic parachute(2) which could come in handy if your engine quits on you in mid flight. Sure a parachute is not going to fix bad flying, but if you blow your engine - it could potentially save your plane and your life.

I don't know why anyone would not want this option if they had the chance to get an airplane with it in it. It makes a lot of sense... However, you have to make sure you realize that having a parachute is not going to fix bad flying skills.

But it is sure nice to know that if you have a health problem or see that engine stop, that you do have some options to help you out. Cause without a parachute, you would have to dead stick your airplane and do a forced landing. And you know what landing in a field can do to your airplane!

The other thing that is really cool about this small airplane is the fact that you can get a 3 blade prop with multiple adjustment options. That is cool because the 3 blade is going to sound different look nicer and potentially reduce the cabin noise in flight. Not just that - a 3 blade prop just looks "cool".

So if you are in the market for a newer or new 2 seater, your going to want to make sure you look very closely at this great little airplane.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Atec Faeta

Atec Faeta

Atec Faeta


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