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Apollo Fox

Apollo Fox Light Sport Aircraft - A Great LSA With Some *Interesting* Options

One of the problems with buying some types of airplanes is that you have to simply buy what they give you. Meaning - you have very little options to choose from to customize your purchase. You usually can pick your color and that is about it. The great thing about the Apollo LSA is that you have all kinds of options to choose from.

IMPORTANT: The Apollo LSA is the new name for the Apollo Fox... Different name for pretty much the same great airplane...

2 Surprising Things You Should Know About The Apollo LSA (Fox)

#1 - The Price Will Make You Seriously Look At This Aircraft - (Here's Why)

The great thing about the Apollo LSA is the fact that they are priced well for an LSA. You can spend well over $100,000 USD on a new LSA model these days. The good news is that if you buy the base model Apollo LSA, your going to only be spending about $67,500.00 USD.(1)

That is for the base model, but even with no additional add-on's or options, this base model is really good and very nice looking. It is an LSA so that means it is only a 2 seater, but it is a high wing and looks very classy. And if you want the benefits of having a new airplane to fly or to start your flying journey with, $67,500.00 USD is a pretty good price!

You have to remember, your going to get a brand new airplane for that price. That means you should be able to avoid some of the surprise repair bills that 20 year old airplanes can give you after you buy them. And the price is not that far off some cars you can buy these days. And I'm sure you will agree - your probably going to have more fun flying! (-:

Here's The Hidden Benefit To This (And A Potential Money Maker)

If you can get yourself into a good LSA for cheap like you can with this aircraft, you are going to free up some cash that you would have otherwise used to buy a more expensive airplane. And that means you can either put it away to save up for a bigger airplane that you might buy someday.

Or you can do what most pilots don't do and that is buy some real estate (a hanger) to put your aircraft in. If you have some extra cash, buying a hanger could be a really good idea depending on your location. If your in a growing area, there is a good chance that someday when your flying days are over, you could even rent out that hanger and get some rental income.

So make sure you think about this before you take $50k and dump it into excessive avionics that are going to go down in value and become old in a few years. Of course, hanger space is a localized thing and you have to make sure you are buying at an airport that is not going to be a ghost town in 10 years.

#2 - The Plane Has Some Options That Might Turn You Into A Buyer - (Checkout the safety features)

The great thing about the Apollo LSA is the fact that they have somehow figured out how to make available A LOT of different options in terms of add-ons for your airplane. If want, you can turn your little 2 seater into an equipped airplane that you can fly night VFR with.

This is a big deal, because if you are a fully licensed pilot with your night rating or you plan on getting one - your going to want to be able to have a plane that can legally fly at night... And you can do that with the Apollo LSA.

A Lot Of Pilots Don't Think About This One BIG Issue

If you like to fly a lot and you get good at it, your going to want to likely start flying at night. Next to early morning flying, night flying is the best time to fly (in my opinion). The air is more stable, the views are great and the VFR traffic is usually better.

But if you don't have the legal ability to do it in your LSA, your going to have to sell it and re-buy one that you can fly at night in. And that would suck! So just get one that you can legally fly at night in using night VFR.

The other option that they have is the parachute system that you may have seen in some other airplanes. This is a great option to add on to your Apollo Fox so you have another form of backup protection if something goes wrong in the air. It is not going to fix bad flying, but it sure can potentially help you out of a bad situation if needed.

Those are just a couple of the many options you can get with this great airplane. It truly is worth looking seriously at if your in the market for an LSA.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Apollo Fox

Apollo Fox

Apollo Fox


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