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Aircraft Sales In Canada

Aircraft Sales Canada - If Your Looking For An Aircraft - Try This

Buying an airplane from Canada can be a good thing if you know what you are doing. A lot of Canadian pilots make the mistake of going straight to the USA to looking for airplanes verses looking in their own back yard first.

The reason a lot of pilots do this is because they think they will never find the right airplane in Canada that is going to meet their needs so they head south of the boarder right away. That can be a very big & expensive mistake.

By following this type of thinking, you could end up buying the wrong airplane and waste a lot of time that you could otherwise be spending in the air flying your bird that you bought in Canada!

2 Strategies Every Pilot Should Know About Buying An Aircraft In Canada

First - Realize You Might Just Have An "Ace" Up Your Sleeve

If you are a seller looking to sell your airplane and it is a Canadian registered aircraft, you have to realize that the market is pretty small. There are not a lot of Americans coming up to Canada interested in aircraft sales when they can likely get the same model in the USA without the hassles of the boarder crossing.

So that makes being a buyer a big advantage. Because the seller is going to have less of a buyers market, that means you likely in most cases have more negotiating options if you choose to buy in Canada.

Use This One Thing To Your Advantage

Make sure you realize this and use it to your advantage when you can. There is nothing saying that you can't negotiate the price of the aircraft as well as other things that you feel should be. If the seller wants out and he's not getting a lot of leads or offers, chances are good that you might get yourself a good deal if you know how to negotiate it.

Also, don't just assume that the aircraft your looking for can't be found in Canada. Look under every rock, talk to every pilot and everyone who is involved in aircraft sales in Canada. You have no idea what might show up.

Not only that - but you have to realize that the most powerful airplane buying strategy you can use is patience. If you use patience you can not only increase the chances of getting a great aircraft, but you will likely get a better price.

If a buyer is in a hurry to sell, a lot of them will cave in on their price if you use the right form of patience and they know you are looking around at other aircraft that are similar.

If you wait - you dramatically increase your chances of finding the right aircraft. Just cause you can't find it "today" does not mean your never going to find one. Just be patient and see what comes up on the market.

Second - Make Sure You Don't Over Look This "Hidden" Cost

It makes more sense for you to find an airplane in Canada and put a few bucks into it to get it the way you want verses going to the USA to find the same airplane but in the exact shape you want it.

The reason is because you could have a massive import cost if you go to the states as you have to factor in so many different things. Not only is it going to cost you a lot of money to get the airplane legally flying & insured in Canada, you also have a huge time factor to import an airplane.

And think what is happening to your flying skills while your dealing with mountains of paperwork to get this aircraft into Canada. If it is a 6 month process, your either renting for that amount of time or your not flying. Neither one of those options sounds very exciting.

Not only that - if you don't get out and fly, your skills start to go backwards.

Be Careful Of Making This ONE Comparison

It's not like your bring up a ski boat from the USA. An airplane is a much bigger deal and you need to make sure you factor in the time cost & the financial cost as well.

Importing a used luxury car or boat from the USA is totally different and requires a totally different set of skills and plans. So don't compare buying an airplane in the USA to this.

But just make sure you really count the true cost of getting that aircraft south of the boarder.

And when you do that - it probably makes more sense to focus on aircraft sales in Canada and get something that is similar to what you want & then invest a bit of money to get it exactly the way you want it.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Aircraft Sales Canada

Aircraft Sales Canada

Aircraft Sales Canada



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