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Buying An Aircraft In Canada - Don't Forget About These 2 Things

When it comes to getting an aircraft in Canada you have to realize that you have a lot of options in terms of the airplanes you can buy. And at the same time, you have a different situation then you would otherwise have if you were buying an airplane in the USA.

And because of this, you have to make sure you do the right things so you can get the best aircraft possible & be able to have years of fun flying. Unfortunately, a lot of pilots are careless when they buy their aircraft, make some costly mistakes and in a lot of cases end up getting the wrong airplanes...

Here's 2 Important Steps To Buying The Right Aircraft In Canada

First - You Have To Make Sure You Are Going To Be Able To Get Parts Easily:

One of the biggest mistakes pilots make when buying an aircraft in Canada is they don't think through the fact that eventually if you own the airplane long enough, your going to need parts for it. And if you get the wrong airplane, that could be a big job.

Not only could it be a big job finding parts, your also going to have to worry about the downtime on your airplane. You are not going to buy one so it can sit in the hanger for months on end while you source parts all over the world.

So ask various aircraft mechanics about which airplanes they have had the most trouble with in terms of getting parts and supplies & then make sure you stay away from those models. Because if you buy an airplane that is really rare in the Canadian market and there is only 4 other models flying in the whole country, there's a good chance parts are going to be hard to come by.

And that is not good. So remember that just because the airplane is "cheap" to buy does not mean that it is going to be "cheap" to own. You might want to spend a bit more money to get a great airplane that will not let you down as much. And one that you can quickly get parts for.

The BIGGEST Problem About Not Getting Parts Easily

You have to remember, if you can't easily and quickly get parts your going to be wasting money. If your plane is out of commission for 4 months while your trying to track down parts, that means your flying skills are going to get rusty!

Then when you finally get your bird back in the air, your going to likely have to spend a few hours getting used to things again. And that is expensive. Not only that, no pilot wants to go backwards in their skills...

Second - Make Sure You Buy An Airplane That You Can Easily Resell:

Most pilots only think about buying the airplane and they never think about selling it. But you have to realize that you might get board with the aircraft you bought and want to upgrade it to something bigger and faster.

In that case, your going to have to sell it or trade it in. So make sure you think through this BEFORE you buy your first or next airplane. Just because you can get a good deal on the purchase does not mean your going to be able to sell it for a high price.

You are going to want to figure out what is moving in the market, what is popular in Canada and what can be resold quickly. That way you always know that if you ever want to sell or upgrade, your going to be able to get a good buck for the airplane that you currently own.

The BIG Problem With The Canadian Market

Canada's market is different and you have to make sure you think about these things before buying your next aircraft. The market is smaller and in many cases, different airplanes are going to be more popular due to the climate & the terrain in Canada.

You may find a great airplane that looks good and is everything you ever wanted, but the problem is that it has been sitting on the used market for years. If you buy that airplane and someday want to resell it - there is a good chance you'll be sitting on it for years while you wait for the right buyer.

But if you get a good airplane that is selling well within the Canadian market, you should be okay. But don't overlook this issue as it could come back to hurt you financially if you ignore it.

Look at it as a good thing... Because if you buy the right airplane, you will likely have years of fun ahead of you and you should be able to get an awesome airplane.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Aircraft Canada

Aircraft Canada

Aircraft Canada


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