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Aerotrek Light Sport Aircraft

Aerotrek A220 & A240 - Here's 2 S-LSA Airplanes
That Are Priced Very Well

If you want to get a Light Sport Aircraft you probably have noticed that there are quite a few options and a wide range of prices. You can spend well over $100,000 USD for some of the top of the line aircraft in that category. Or you can have a look at the Aerotrek A220 & A240 which are priced way below $100k...

IMPORTANT: Were going to be talking about both the A220 & A240 in this article. The A220 is the taildragger version & the A240 is the tricycle gear version of this airplane. Both are great looking and in terms of which one is better - that depends on which type of gear you like landing with.

2 Surprising Reasons Why The A220 & A240 Aerotrek Are Such Good

Surprising Reason #1 - The Price

(But Watch Out For This Trap)

The bottom line is that Aerotrek has figured out how to get this airplane out to pilots for a great price and still make it look great. As of the time of this article being published, you can get a Aerotrek from $79,850 USD(1).

That is very cheap compared to some of the top end LSA airplanes that are on the market. And when you look at it in terms of the bigger single engine airplane market, your not going to find very many 2 seaters priced near that price point.

That is why this airplane is so attractive... You could easily spend $80k on avionics and digital toys if you wanted to. But with Aerotrek you get the whole plane as well! (-:

While looking around I found a Eurofox (Aerotrek A220) that had just been sold and the asking price was only $49,500 USD (2)...

So if your in the market for a 2 seater and want something that is new, this airplane really demands a second look. They have also put out 350 aircraft since 1990, so it is not like they just showed up for the party.

The Expensive Trap To Avoid...

One of the biggest mistakes pilots make when buying a cheap LSA like the Aerotrek is they think that because they got such a good deal on it they should take that extra money and buy more gadgets for the airplane.

Be very careful about not doing this. You have to realize that by dumping a bunch of cash into more avionics, you are over doing it for a small LSA. Your not going to be flying IFR with your light sport aircraft! (-:

Not only that, excessive amounts of digital avionics and navigation equipment get old! And once they get old they need to be replaced and fixed!

Surprising Reason #2 - Three Great Features You Might Like A Lot

(Here's A Cool Money Saving Feature You Might Really Love)

Two of the things that really struck me about this airplane is the fact that it only has a 1235 lbs (max gross weight) and it can climb at 1100 fpm.(2) Those are a pretty good combination for a small plane like this one (a 2 seater).

The great thing about the climb rate of this aircraft is the fact that you can get up to altitude A LOT FASTER. And you know what happens once your up at altitude - you can pull the power back and start burning less fuel.

So by having a great rate of climb, you should be able to use less fuel overall.

The other feature that is really cool about the Aerotrek airplanes is the fact that the wings fold up. The reason that this is so cool is because you can store it in a pretty tight space or even the corner of a hanger.

Why The Fold Up Wings Are So Important:

Think about it for a second! If you live in a big city and your using a big city airport, you are going to have to spend A LOT of money on hanger space for your airplane. It is just the way it is with big airports.

But if you can fold the wings up, your only going to be using a very small amount of space. That means you *should* be able to get a lot cheaper rates on a hanger to store your airplane.

Also - if you are in a smaller airport, you can potentially lease a small part of someone's hanger verses renting a full size one. That way you can save a lot of money in a small airport as well.

This is a great money saving feature!!

All around, this seems to be a great little 2 seater if your looking for something that is new or almost new. You might want to check it out.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Aerotrek A220 - A240

Aerotrek A220 - A240

Aerotrek A220 - A240



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