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Aeronca Champion

Aeronca Champion - Finding One For Sale Is Tough, But Here's Why It Is A Great Airplane...

The Aeronca Champion was built from 1946 to 1950 & then again from 1971 to 1972 under the ownership of Bellanca. It has been reported that there were over 10,000 Aeronca Champions produced in the short period of time that it was in production.

IMPORTANT: You have to realize that there are roughly 9 versions of the Champion so make sure you do your research on each model to figure out which one is going to be best for your personal needs.

They don't differ that much, but you still should make sure you really look at each model to make sure you get the right one! Lastly airplanes like the B19 Sport are designed to be more well rounded verses just fast. So make sure you don't get caught in that trap as you might end up with the wrong airplane.

Here's 3 Important Things You Should Know About The Aeronca Champion So You Avoid Getting The Wrong One!

#1 - This Airplane Is In VERY HIGH Demand...

(Here's why that's a really good thing FOR YOU)

The reason that we know this is because if you go online looking for one that is for same, the chances are pretty good that you will only find a handful of models that are worth looking at. I just did a quick search and found 2 that are currently for sale.

That a very good thing because if they are in high demand, there is a good chance that when you do buy one it will hopefully hold its value or even go up in value while you own it.

As I mentioned before, there were a reported 10,000 that came off the assembly line, so there are still quite a few around. But when most pilots buy one of these Aeronca's they tend to hold on to them for a really long time!

Did You Know This?

If you have a good look at all the Aeronca Champion's on the market your going to find that a good amount of them have been owned by pilots who have had them for YEARS... That's a really good sign when buying one of these classics...

#2 - It Is Not Going To Cost You Very Much To Own...

(But it could keep you in the poor house if you don't watch out for this ONE THING... )

The great thing about buying a Areonca Champion is the fact that it is cheap to run. If you buy a bigger airplane your going to have to spend a lot in fuel and ongoing operating costs. But with the Champion, your only dealing with around 65 horsepower which means your not going to be spending a lot on fuel.

Not only that, because these airplanes were made primarily in the late 40's, they are simple! There is not a lot of computerization, digital equipment or advanced avionics that you are going to have to deal with! That means, you can focus on flying it verses always having to fix something.

SIDENOTE: When it does breakdown on you, it is hopefully not going to cost you a lot to fix... If you have seen one, you would know that there is not much there to break down. So your shop fee's will hopefully be fairly low. The Champion is not going to be a rocket in the sky, but your probably going to have a lot of fun with it and it is likely going to be fairly cheap to buy & to keep going.

--- If you are looking for a cheap Aeronca, don't go out and buy a reno project! That is dumb... If you are into renovating and restoring airplanes, then go for it. But if that is not your passion and your not good at it - don't take one on cause you got the airplane for cheap.

Just buy one that you find for cheap that is rebuilt and running the way you want it to. That is the best thing to do...

#3 - Make Darn Sure You Take Your Time Buying One...

(Here's the #1 reason why this is SO IMPORTANT...)

There are not a lot of these great aircrafts on the market at any given time. So if you go out and buy one right now because you are in the market, you might end up with one that you don't really want. So make sure you be patient and wait for the right one to come on the market that you actually want.

Not one that you talked yourself into wanting! (-: It might take a few weeks or a couple months. But the wait will be worth it and you should get one that you like to fly!

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Happy Flying!

James David

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Aeronca Champion

Aeronca Champion

Aeronca Champion


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