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Beechcraft A36 Bonanza

Beechcraft A36 Bonanza – Does It Live Up To It's Reputation?

One of the greatest single engine airplanes ever produced was the Beechcraft A36 Bonanza! It was produced from 1970 to 2005 and was very popular. It is very hard to be at an airport where there is an A36 and not want to go over and look at it and admire it! (I know from experience!)

IMPORTANT: The A36 is somewhat known as an "elite" airplane. Meaning, it is a status symbol for single engine airplanes. That is not all that important while you are flying it, but it sure can help you if you ever want to sell your Bonanza. If you have a good one that is in nice shape, you should be able to get some good money for it when you sell it to upsize! (-:

Here's 3 Really Great Reasons Why You Want To Consider Owning The Beechcraft A36 Bonanza...
(Or Put In On Your "Dream Airplane List")

Reason #1 - It Is Is Very Powerful & Has Great Performance Specs...

(And one really important performance aspect you'll really enjoy)

The one thing you can count on with the A36 is the fact that it has a lot of power and will get you to where you want to go very fast. Now, it is not a Mooney which is pretty much a race car in the sky, but it is still very fast and has great performance specs.

You will find that the A36 should cruise around 165 knots to 169 knots when you are at altitude. Again, that depends on a lot of variables, but under perfect conditions that is what you can probably look forward to.

Not only that, the useable load that you can carry is very good as well. You should be about to haul around 1400 pounds and be able to carry 74 gallons of fuel. That should get you about 700 km worth of range under perfect conditions with full fuel.

So you have to realize, this bird can really perform well!

But that is just half the story about the A36...

The great thing about it's performance is that it does not give up other things to go faster. Some smaller speed airplanes give up eveything just so they can get a few extra knots of cruise speed.

I mean --- you have to pretty much fold yourself in half to get into some high performance airplanes... But not the A36! It's powerful, has great performance specs & it really did not sacrifice anything to get all of that.

And that's a performance feature that you'll grow to not only enjoy - but love... No more serious back injuries from trying to crawl into a cave of a door like other planes.

Reason #2 - It Is A Luxury Flying Machine With A Feature Most Pilots Don't Even Realize Is In This Plane...

The great thing about the A36 Bonanza is the fact that it not only can perform well, it is also very nice & luxurious.. Very few airplanes can be considered high performance & a luxury airplane. Most of the planes out there are either one or the other. But the Bonanza A36 in my opinion would be considered both high performance & luxurious.

With the club seating in the back, your going to have a lot of fun carrying your family and friends. Not only that, it has quite a bit of room as well. Sure, your probably going to be a bit cramped with 6 people who are all over 200 pounds. But other then the rare situation like that, your going to probably have a great time flying this airplane.

Here's what I personally like best...

If you are not carrying around the family or your golfing buddies, you can use that club seating as a massive storage area for your stuff! There is a ton of room in the back where the club seating is and if you have some bulky things you need to haul around - you have lots of room.

Reason #3 - You Can Get A Used One For A Great Price...

(Be Careful To Avoid This One Stupid Mistake...)

Now obviously that is all dependent on your budget and what you consider to be a great price. However, because these birds have been in the air for a number of years now - you can get one for a good price (on the used market).

If you are looking for a new A36 - then you gotta pay the big bucks. And if you can justify buying a new one - then go for it... Your getting an amazing piece of flying luxury that you will probably enjoy for a really, really long time.

You can't take the money with you - so stick it in an A36 and fly it around! (-:

Just make sure you don't do what "not so smart" pilots have done and buy a high time A36 just because it is cheap! Not so smart... Someday you might want to sell it and if it has a crazy amount of hours on it --- good luck getting rid of it for a good price.

It was created with a very powerful 300 horsepower Continental IO 550 engine & is very fast! The A36 is a very popular airplane among the pilots who own one... In a lot of cases you will find that many of the ones that are for sale have been owned by pilots who have had them for many years & in some cases decades.

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Happy Flying!

James David

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A36 Beechcraft Bonanza

A36 Beechcraft Bonanza

A36 Beechcraft Bonanza


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